Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Sundries

As I've recently mentioned, I've been fortunate enough to have visited the beautiful country of France. April in Paris was magical, and the week before, spent on the northern coast of Brittany (just west of Mt. St. Michel - a place I'd previously only dreamed of visiting) was amazing... like stepping back in time. 

Ever since, Hubby and I have promised each other that we will return, now along with Sweetie. But this time, I want to make it a longer trip combined with some time spent in Britain. As a true lover of all things literary - especially Victorian English literature - I would so love to do a Literary Tour of Great Britain. That, for me, is my current dream vacation.

But until the time comes when we can afford such a world wind trip (IF we could ever afford it, that is), I'll have to settle for surfing the 'net for all sorts of British fair. Hey, maybe I could trick myself into believing I'm a real Londoner if I "shop" around their stores and (at least in my mind) fill my home with English treasures and lovely finds.

LOMBOK home furnishings is just the right site to bring my dreams alive. Looking at their wide range of Eastern inspired items, I can't help but image spending misty English mornings snuggled up in my luxuriously cozy bed, one of their gorgeously plush throws wrapped around my shoulders as I glance toward my bookcase (chosen from among the many they offer in their large collection of bookcases) to decide which classic British novel I'll dive into. Dickens? Hardy? I love them all. Then, with the weather dreary yet romantic - rain tapping at my window - I'll light some candles, beautifully displayed in one of many candle holders I've purchased, to brighten my room and warm my soul. I know it will be a perfect day.

......Huh?.... Oh!... Sorry about that. See? I told you their site washes me away to a whole different place. LOMBOK's has everything from the grandest of furniture to the quaintest of tiny home accessories. Whether you are in the market for a four poster bed or some simply elegant coasters, you'll be able to easily find it - at great prices! - all right there at LOMBOK's.

If you happen to be reading this post from Great Britain, perhaps you've had the pleasure of visiting one of LOMBOK's many stores in the area. They've got 19 locations throughout the country - 10 within London alone! 

But even if you're reading me stateside or beyond - you can still indulge in a trinket or two for yourself. Now through October 8th, LOMBOK's is offering free shipping on all their stock. Everything! Hey - for a practical girl like myself (a girl who will spend for true beauty and quality when it's found) - you just can't beat a deal like that. Especially overseas! The savings right there is so worth it!

So do yourself a favor and check out the LOMBOK's website. Grab yourself a cuppa Earl Grey tea, and dream a little dream of England. Welcome some unique treasures into your home. Make your surroundings beautiful.

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