Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sweetie Saturday #139 - Little Miss Bossy Edition

Yes. Sweetie can be very bossy. Shocker, huh? Yeah. She doesn't hesitate to tell others what to do. Ugh.

So... Hubby and I try to be vigilant about catching Sweetie in the act and asking her to rephrase what she's saying in a more polite manner.

But one instance of Sweetie's telling me what to do, earlier this week, had me laughing at her seriousness about the matter and her just plain cuteness.

It was dinner time and Sweetie already had her plate and drink in front of her at the table. Then I sat down with my food as Hubby finished up plating his own in the adjacent kitchen. I took a small sip of my drink.

Mama! Sweetie whispered out of the side of her mouth. Do your manners! Eyes of serious insistence widening as she first looked to my drink, then to me: Don't drink yet. Do your manners, Mama!

She's right. I supposed I shouldn't have eaten or drank before all of us were seated with our food, ready to eat together. 


Sweetie got a word search book in her stocking for Christmas. Yesterday, I asked her if she'd like to sit with me and I'd help her work on a puzzle. Yes!

So we set to work and quickly saw that the first puzzle had us finding the names of famous lions, tigers and bears (Simba, Tigger and Yogi, for example). Then, when we got to Yogi (a character Sweetie is not at all familiar with), I started to do my best impression of the lovable bear.

Hey, BooBoo! Whatcha got there in your pic-i-nic basket?

(Okay, okay. So my "best" impression was really quite pitiful. Still - it entertained Sweetie).

Sweetie found me to be so completely funny that, when we got to Tony the Tiger and I started to do  a New Yorker accent (Yo, Tony! Where ya hidin'? Badda bing, badda boom!), Sweetie was practically rolling on the floor with laughter, not able to calm herself down enough to continue on with our solving for a few minutes. She even told me, through her fits of laughter, that:

You're so silly, Mama. You're the silliest mama in the world. It's from Daddy & Sweetie's Silly School!

Yes. That's right. You told Daddy and I all about the Silly School the two of you have - complete with lessons in Silly Dances, Silly Voices and Joke Telling. I guess I finally took note and learned a thing or two. Thanks for pointing out to me, again, that I need to take some lessons from you two. And thanks for noticing that I actually can be funny if you give me a chance.


A couple days ago, in the afternoon, I noticed that Sweetie had small red dots - like a rash - on her face at the outer corners, and just under, her eyes. Since my mom is a retired pediatrics nurse, I call her a lot to ask medical-type questions (much easier/cheaper than calling the actual doctors' office and taking her in for, ultimately, no real medical problem at all). So - I called my mom about these dots.

I had just started describing where this rash was on Sweetie's face and what exactly it looked like, when Sweetie stood in front of me demanding (see? bossy!) that she talk to Nana herself about all this.

Fine. I gave her the phone. At which point Sweetie instantly went into:

Here's the answer to the problem, Nana. I was rubbing my eyes a lot to get the things away from my eyes while I was waiting for 8 o'clock (that is - while in bed that morning waiting for her clock to turn to 8 a.m. and she'd be able to wake me up - something was in her eyes so she was rubbing them). That's the answer.

And then she indignantly walked away, obviously frustrated that I didn't believe her obviously valid reasoning (that she'd previously tried to convince me of) for the mysterious rash. 

(Mom's explanation? Was she sneezing, coughing or crying hard earlier that day? - Yes. Crying. - That's it, then. Broken blood vessels from crying too hard. Don't worry about it.)


In other news.... after WEEKS of no school, Sweetie will finally return to classes on Monday. Hurrah! She's excited about this and - other than having to get up and dressed and ready to go so early - I am too. It will be quite a change to have her away for a few hours each morning - again.

I wonder if/hope that some of the holiday-type festivities that were meant to happen in the weeks leading up to Christmas actually get a chance to happen now in January.

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