Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweetie Saturday #141 - Funny "Haha" or Funny "Instresting"? Edition

Ya know what? Sweetie isn't really so much funny - in the original sense of why I started Sweetie Saturdays - anymore.

Don't get me wrong. She's still incredibly funny. She makes us laugh several times a day and could brighten the day of the most sullen of grumpsters with her endless supply of non sequiturs and general, all over silliness. It's just - she's now funny in a smart way. A too-big-for-her-britches way. 

She no longer misuses words in a funny way. Now she uses really big - appropriate - words in her everyday speak. And, given her age, that's really funny.

She notes how she'd like certain things to happen immediately.

She mentions how certain things distract her.

She told me the other day that she was sweltering in our car. (It was absolutely freezing outside, so I had the heat up high).

She loves her new globe because, at night, it turns into a map of the constellations.

Sweetie is funny in a "dance like nobody's watching" kind of way.

Take the first part of my last post, for instance.

That incident was very literally followed by a carefree outburst of "dancing like nobody's watching." Seriously - she was like a different child. One moment concerned and searching, the next minute thrilled to bits with life in general, having herself a grand ol' time - singing, dancing and gettin' down with her bad self.

And those beloved non sequiturs. Now those are funny. But in a "funny in the moment" sort of way. Or, rather, a "she's just a strange little girl" way. Nothing that I could adequately portray in a post here with the same sort of odd humor intended.

For example (see? I'm gonna give it a shot anyway...): Sweetie is constantly cracking herself up with puns she fully believe she's making by accident within her regular conversations. Then, when she discovers the pun, she'll always stop, chuckle, and ask us: Get it? I said ____ _____. That's a funny pun. (note - nothing ever is an actual pun in any of these situations. Well - very, very rarely, anyway. And even so - they're never particularly funny. But to Sweetie? Hilarious). 

But it is kinda funny to us that she thinks she's being so cleverly funny.

So, hmmmm... that's why I'm finding these Sweetie Saturdays so dang hard to write these last few months. She's just not so much randomly funny anymore. She's just - funny. Entertaining. Dramatic. Carefree. Wise-beyond-her-years. It's her personality. It's who she is. Not funny out takes from a typically developing toddler and little girl. It's just her - all her.

How very, very intresting.

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