Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweetie Saturday #142 - So Not About Sweetie, Abbreviated, Edition

Hi all. I'm in the middle of my 24 (or 48, depending on episodic happenings) hour ambulatory EEG test. I'm not happy. My head is wrapped in gauze like I'm a brain injury patient, I'm wearing a knit hat over the top which both helps and so doesn't in the appearance department, and my forehead hurts where some of the electrode wires/whatever these are are taped to my skin. I'm hooked up to a box in a fanny pack around my waist - with a button on top that I'm to push when/if I ever have an episode. I have a computer/video camera thing I'm to be hooked to as often as possible when I know I'll be sitting on the couch or whatever for a long time - that's to watch me, I suppose, in case I have a seizure-like episode when I may or may not (I know I wouldn't) do anything unordinary. And I'm supposed to keep an hour by hour diary of what I'm doing activity wise.

Oh - and I have a strange bump/inflamed part of my lower left leg. So I'm keeping my left brace off and elevating the leg whenever possible. When I do get up to walk, I have one brace and shoe on, one brace off with just a slipper on that foot. I'm already an unbalanced walker. Now I'm really, really unbalanced. Especially with a somewhat heavy-ish fanny pack around my waist.

All this while trying to go about my normal life. Hah.

Not. Fun. At. All.

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