Saturday, July 08, 2006

Can't Write, Cuz I Gotta Write

I'd love to write a long, insightful post today. In fact, I have something in mind to muse upon for awhile.

But this is my Writing Weekend. The blog-related musing will have to wait.

With two fast approaching deadlines to tackle, plus articles to look over for my new editing gig (for the MSBA , no less) and sample writing tutor related essays to sample tute (hey, look at me! I created a word!) for a potential new sideline gig, I've got way too much to do today.

In fact, I feel so bogged down that I'm sending Hubby out to retrieve Sweetie from her overnight Nana-fest instead of chomping at the bit at 8am to go get her myself (you see, no matter how much I long to have peaceful time away from her, I still can't wait to get her back home. And, yes, we had a fabulous time out with our friends last night).

So - that's it. I hope y'all can settle for a friendly, albeit frazzled "hello" for today.


Goodbye. :)

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