Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #14

Netflix movie of the day: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Sweetie's "thing" this week is asking if things should be done or had.

Um, Daddy, should I share your cookie?

Mommy, should you read this book to me?

I think she should work on her question phrasing abilities, wouldn't you say?


Sweetie has not been interested in going home lately. This was a nice change for Grammy and Grampy when we visited them last weekend, since we don't tend to see them as often as Nana and Papa Dave. They loved hearing Sweetie say that she didn't want to leave their house. But it hasn't only been this instance. Sweetie hasn't wanted to leave Nana's house most evenings this week either.

Last night she didn't want to leave Nana's so we asked her if she'd rather go to The O Store or home. She said the store. Fine, we needed to go anyway. But once we were done there, she cried much of the car ride saying she didn't want to go home but to another store.

I want to go to the food store for french fries and chicken and milk!

Assuring her that we already had all that waiting for us at home wasn't good enough for her.

So we've had to come up with some creative bribery. Sometimes we tell her that we just have to get in the car and see where it takes us. Maybe the car doesn't want to go home either. Or I've even had her close her eyes and imagine the place(s) she'd rather go instead of home. Both of these solutions have been mildly effective, but she's too smart to play along with us for very long. Oh well.


My mom read my "Who Wipes?!" entry on Thursday morning. Later that day just after Sweetie peed in the potty, Sweetie took the toilet paper my mom gave her and said, Mommy wants me to wipe this way (in front) but I want to wipe this way (in back).

Given what I had just been blogging about, my mom thought this was very funny.

Edited to add: Just today Sweetie's been saying something very interesting. Whenever we've asked her if she needs to go potty she's answered with,

No, I'm fine with my noises.

Huh? Ummmm, okaaaay. We've asked her for clarification, but she's offered none. Perhaps that's a good thing. I don't think I want to know what's talking about.

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