Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #16

Sweetie has not made a whole lot of sense this week.

For one thing, last weekend she proclaimed, after yet another small pee accident, (followed by my continued frustrations with the on-going problem),

Accidents make me hungry.

Huh? Okay. Whatever. At first Hubby and I just ignored this bit of information - mostly just amused that she would make such a random connection. But on the second day, when she stopped, announced, Oops, I peed a little., and immediately headed off for her booster seat at the kitchen table instead of the potty to finish the job, I became annoyed.

Again, she insisted,

Accidents make me hungry!

Oh no they don't, little girl!

Finally, Hubby and I had something to say about this.

No, they don't! That doesn't make any sense. Accidents do not make you hungry, but they make us angry. Do not pee in your pants and expect to get food for it. You can have a treat when you use the potty correctly - NOT for accidents. Do you hear?!

I think that was the last time she's said anything more on the subject.


Another non-sensical episode came later in the week when Hubby was being silly, singing the Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye. song. Sweetie immediately picked up on this and went into her new-found teasing mode (Ah, yes. Yet another endearing "lesson" she's picked up from her "school" mates).

In the perfect sing-song teasing voice, she says to her Daddy,

Na na na na na, you have hair.


Now my husband is, for all intents and purposes, bald. He does let it grow out a bit (naturally growing more around the sides and back than on top), and then he shaves it all off again. When she said this, he did have that days-old growth thing going on, but still. We just didn't get this one. Obviously, Sweetie hasn't yet mastered what teasing is all about.


And now for a couple cute scenes:

Hubby and I walked into my parents' house the other evening after a long day of work. Sweetie, I guess, had been hiding, waiting for us to come find her. But apparently she was too excited and couldn't wait - so she just ran out to give us our hugs. My mom told us how, right before we got there, Sweetie was plotting her hiding plan. She told Nana that she'd hide on the sunporch and, when Daddy came in,

...Daddy will say "Where is MY Sweetie?!"

And you know? He totally would have said just that - with the inflection she (presumably) used and everything. That is, if she had remained hidden. Oh well.


Thursday night marked the end of an era. Sweetie wore her very last pull-up to bed. From now on, she's all underwear, all the time.

We took her to Nana's Friday morning still wearing her jammies and pull-up. Later in the morning I called to check in on Sweetie's day. All was going well, mom said, and she mentioned that they had a surprise for us when we got home.

You didn't shave her head, did you? I asked.

No, it wasn't that.

So, when we arrived to pick her up this evening, mom and Sweetie came running around the side of the house to greet us in the driveway. Sweetie, wearing a home-made sticker Nana had made for her saying, Ella's Last Diaper (yes, yes. That's her name. I've said it before here - albeit very rarely - and I've use it in some of my other writings), excitedly hugged us, wishing us a Happy Last Diaper Day.

Cool! So that's the surprise. How cute!

But wait, there's more...

We were told to come into the house for the rest of the surprise. Ummmm, okaaaay.

We got to the kitchen and saw a small, elongated oblong shaped chocolate frosted cake with 6 candles in it. Next to it was this picture:

Nana had made Sweetie her very own Last Diaper Day cake. (Now don't get all excited here, people. She had to make a cake for something she's going to on Saturday anyway. So she just kept a little batter out to make this treat for Sweetie). And she made a collage out of pieces of the (clean and dry) notable Last Diaper. Sweetie's picture on the collage of her coloring said collage, along with the amount of time it took to get to this day, just added the final, thoughtful touch.

Nana lit the candles and she, Papa Dave, Hubby and I all sang the "Happy Last Diaper Day" song to our Sweetie (sung to the Happy Birthday tune, of course). Sweetie beamed and blew out her candles in short order. Then we all enjoyed a pre-dinner taste of the yummy, moist chocolate cake. Delicious!

Congratulations, Sweetie. You're a big kid now.

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