Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #17

Netflix movie of the day: My Fair Lady.

When we arrived at Nana's the other day to pick Sweetie up after work, we saw a huge, colorful chalk drawing of Sweetie on the driveway, the chalk bucket sitting close by. Hubby excitedly took a fat, blue piece of chalk and proceeded to draw a huge fish on the driveway, right behind our car.

When we came back outside with Sweetie to head for home, she instantly saw Daddy's creation.

Ummm, or not???

Wow! A big blue fish chalk! Our car made a chalk out of fish! Silly fish!


Like her bedtime routine's ups and downs, so goes her bathroom routine - she trained quickly, slid into accidents, back to goodness, and now - again, not so much. A couple nights ago she stood in the corner to do her business before Hubby and I figured out what was going on.

As I was cleaning her up in the bathroom, after again going over the rules of going in the potty, not in her pants, Sweetie says to me smirkingly,

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go in my pants.

Yes, cute, and, yes, a good apology. But, as it was accompanied by that slight smirk on her face, I had a feeling she was just telling me what I wanted to hear. I asked her who told her to say that, or did she decide on her own.


Yup, sounds about right.


In an attempt to stop Sweetie's near-constant whines and cries, I intercepted her plight the other day by asking what her favorite body part is.

My body roohangle (roo hangle?).

Your roohangle? Where's that?

My roohangle is here (pointing to the top of one of her feet).

Oh. So what does a roohangle do?

It makes you move and groove much better.

Okay, then. If you say so, Sweetie.

Yep, I do say so.


Whenever I'm at my home computer, you can be sure to find me checking out my own blog and those of people on my blogroll.

One day, Sweetie wanted to play computer games. She came up to me, sat on my lap, and, as usual, noticed her own baby picture staring back at her. This prompted her to say,

No, no, no. Not!

How funny that Sweetie is more annoyed with having her own ".com" rather than honored to have such a unique web presence!

Just another sign of the times, I guess.

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