Sunday, July 30, 2006

Way Too Many Things: Part II

Role Reversal

AKA: She Mows, He Sews

I'm not sure what got into me yesterday. I guess I'll blame the heat. And maybe my desire to go to the beach later in the day (which didn't ultimately happen) weighed against the dispicable state of the lawn that I couldn't stand to let go another minute.

Yeah, so, it was the heat...

Anyway, I got it in my head that it would be a great idea, and so helpful to my hardworking Hubby, if I mowed the lawn. Yeah, I know. Mow the lawn. Me. No - the two don't mix. At all. And now I know for sure.

Hubby was away for a few hours, visiting a friend and buying new windows to install in our bedroom. Sweetie and I were outside waiting for him to come home.

That's when I noticed just how high our grass had grown. It really needed tending to, I thought. But I also knew Hubby was going to be tired when he got home. And he does so much for our little family - surely I could give him a hand with this.

I knew we had a reel mower, as well as the "real" mower. And I knew I wasn't even going to attempt to use the "real" mower. But the reel mower - now that, I could probably handle.

I opened our shed and told Sweetie if the mower was easy to get at, I'd mow. Well, I saw it. And it was somewhat accessible. So I thought, Why not. I'm this far into this thing. Might as well go whole hog! (did I really say "whole hog" to myself? Well, no. Probably not. But it sounds good, doesn't it?)

Man, was that thing heavy! I got it out, though, and started mowing. And cutie Sweetie was nearby (but not too near), cheering me on, chanting Go Mommy! Go, Mommy! I couldn't stand to disappoint her at this point. So I went on.

But - oops! - soon I was stuck. I couldn't push the mower any further. And then Hubby came home. The gig was up.

He didn't stop me, though. He helped get me unstuck and moved over to a good place to mow (I was still in our crappy/weedy backyard when he found me. The side yard would be much flatter/easier for me to manage - or so I thought).

So, Hubby humored me and let me take five or six passes with the mower. And they weren't straight passes, let me tell you. I would have continued. I just got stuck again. And, by that point, Hubby took pity on me enough to get the "real" mower out and swiftly finish up my humble beginnings.

So, that was my big doings for the day.

Then, later in the afternoon, we had a medical emergency.

It happened like this: One minute I was corralling Sweetie to take herself downstairs, and the next minute - she's twisting her poor Teddy's arm clean off!

There were tears. There was much sadness. It was awful. But Mommy and Daddy were to the rescue! I gathered the proper stitching materials and Hubby sat down to "get me started" on the proper relocation of Teddy's arm.

But he didn't stop. Hubby stitched up the whole thing! With much care and lots of thimble-less, painful pushing and pulling of the needle, Daddy got Teddy feeling better in no time.

What a guy! What a surgeon! What a Daddy!

What can I say - he's great. He can make grown women mow the lawn and little girls awestruck.

He's our courageous, heroic, kind and loving Hubby/Daddy.

(Now, if only he'd take us to the beach again. Time is running out!)

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