Friday, July 07, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #15

A couple nights ago Sweetie was playing in the living room. A box top from a board game was upside down on the floor next to her. One of our cats went to it and tried to climb in, pawing at its up-turned inside cover. Sweetie yanked it out from under her, though, saying sternly,

No, Noki! It's not a poopy box!


My mom took Sweetie to the park yesterday. Sweetie loved it, but it was very crowded. She didn't like all the kids bumping into her.

There was a castle-like climbing structure on the playground. Sweetie told my mom that she wanted to climb to the tower and yell out to everybody (more or less. Second-hand story, remember),

I'm Princess ____ and this is my castle! Everyone, behave!


In the car last night, just as we were getting home, Sweetie was singing to herself in the backseat. I couldn't understand the first words of her song, but it ended with,'s a perfect pickle, indeed!

I asked her where she learned that, or did she make it up herself. She said she learned it at Nana's house.

I'll have to ask my mom about that one, I guess.

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