Monday, June 25, 2007

Mama Monday #64

Theme: Odyssey

I know the definition of odyssey is a long and adventurous journey. And parenthood certainly is that. But, funny thing, the first thing I thought when I saw that the theme this week was odyssey - I thought of the word like this: odd-i-cy. Isn't that odd?

Living with Sweetie, our lives are definitely filled with oddicy. Onc minute we're annoyed with her, yelling at her to listen to us and do what we say. She often is working our last nerve.

Then, two minutes later, she's giving us a funnily serious look, or telling us a not-so-funny funny joke, or relaying in her loooooonnnnnnggggg-winded way about a seemingly simple, everyday occurance. And it makes us laugh. And we can't believe just how amazing our little gift of a girl is. How smart and funny and clever and wise and endearing she is. How adorable she is. And how incredibly odd.

The other day she was looking at the product label of one of the foods on our counter. It happened to have her name in it, and she picked that right out. Also included in this product's label was the word nut. Ever since, she's been going around basically calling herself a nut all day long. And it's hilarious because it's so fitting. I'm constantly telling her what a nut she is.

Parenthood - an odyssey requiring great strength, humor, patience, love and courage.

Parenthood - an oddicy that's so much fun to live through, so miraculous to experience, and so emotional - drastically changing from one minute to the next - that you just can't wait to see where you're headed next.

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