Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #61 - Inspirational Edition

Hi there! Sorry to say I don't have too much to report by way of Sweetisms this week. But have no fear! Instead, I bring you inspirational videos! Like this one of little Ana. She's a little girl with spina bifida learning to use her new walker and, with the encouragement of her brother, to pull herself up to standing.

I don't honestly remember it, but I've heard the stories time and again of how determined I was to learn to walk. I'm told I would walk from parent to parent, fall down on my way, crawl to my destination, then stand up and try again. Repeat, oh, 100 times or so. I was so intent on getting this walking thing down that my knees were always raw from all my falls and crawls.

For more inspirational videos of disabled kids overcoming some obstacles, check out these videos.

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