Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #60

Last weekend I happened to mention to Sweetie, in passing, that when she's 6 years old (closer to 7), that we could go to Disney World.

Okay, whatever.

A couple days later, we're at a coffee shop where a nice, older woman comes over to talk to Sweetie.

How old are you? she asked.

I'm 4. I'm 6, I'm going to Disney World!

Oh boy.

Hubby reminded me to not tell her anything unless I really mean in. In this case, I do mean it. I just hope my plans to save up for it pan out okay.


In the more foreseeable future, we three are planning a trip to Hershey, PA later this summer. We're going to meet up with my friend/pen pal, Courtney, and her young daughter. Should be a great time!

So, in preparation for the trip, I asked Sweetie if she wanted to go to a place that smells like chocolate all the time. Hmmm... no big response. Maybe she didn't quite understand. Oh well.

A couple hours later, as it was getting close to Sweetie's bedtime, she finally pipes up with,

Yes, I do want to go to that place, Mom.

Huh? What place?

That place you said! That smells like chocolate all the time. I want to go right now!

Okay, okay... just cool your jets, lady. We'll get there soon enough.


I happened to notice this week that there's a pair of twins in Sweetie's class - a boy and a girl. So the other night I asked Sweetie about them, asking what their names are.

She told me the girl is Mackenzie. Okay, I did already know that. But what's the boy's name?

You have to guess., she tells me.

I had no clue what this boys name was. I know the names of some of the boys in her class, but not this one.

I may have guessed upwards of 10 names, finally deciding to take a cue from Mackenzie's name and match something up accordingly.

Let's see.... Mackenzie and Michael?


Mackenzie and Matt?


Mackenzie and Marvin? (there really is a boy in her class named Marvin, but I knew it wasn't him).

Nooooooo! Guess again!

With each guess, Sweetie was getting more and more excited about our little game. Would I ever come up with the right one?

My next guess...

Mackenzie and.... Zachary?

YES! That's it! You got it! You got it right, Mom!

Sweetie was absolutely beside herself with joy and excitement that I actually guessed the right name. So, so cute!

Phew - I'm glad I finally guessed it. That could have gone on for days!


Sweetie and I went to registered our car on Thursday (May 31st at 6:30pm - nothing like the last minute, huh?).

The town workers greeted us, especially taking notice of Sweetie.

And how are you today?

Great! (Sweetie's usual answer).

Good! That's great!

My Daddy loves me when I'm great.

He sure does, Sweetie. And so do I. You have a great outlook on life - good for you!

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