Friday, June 22, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #63 - Who Made This Edition

Lately Sweetie's been asking me, Who made this _____? about EVERYTHING. It's cute, but I sadly admit I don't work too hard at coming up with meaningful answers.

Who made our couch?

The Couch Maker.

Who made the car?

The Car Maker.

Who made this pillow?

The Pillow Maker.

Oh well. At least I'm a little more accurate when she asks me about the various buildings she knows.

Who made my school (our house, the store, etc...)?

The Builder.

See? That's better, right? Anyway, Sweetie's always satisfied with my answers, even if I'm not.


Speaking of builders, Sweetie saw one of her Daddy's magazines on the floor a couple nights ago. Pointing at the title, she asked me,

What does that say?


Oh... When I'm bigger, I can help Daddy and do woodwork too.

That'll be fun!

This prompted me to think of how often Sweetie talks about becoming a baby again (like in last week's Sweetie Saturday, here). Remembering said incident when she declared she'd like the toy when she's a baby again, I was impressed that - maybe, finally - she's starting to understand she'll only grow bigger, not smaller.

No sooner did I complete this thought, this specific memory of last week's conversation, then I noticed Sweetie's face twist into a thoughful expression.

Hey! she said. I thought I was going to be a baby again the day after Father's Day!

Yeah, you did. What happened with that?

I don't know!

Yesterday morning Sweetie spied a ripe avocado sitting on our kitchen island. Aha! Just what she wanted to take to Nana's house for lunch.

When we arrived at Nana's, Sweetie instructed me to hold the avocado behind my back so Nana could guess our surprise.

Guess what we brought, Nana!

I don't know. Give me a clue. What color is it?

Uh... It's green inside. And... it's a color I never, ever saw before on the outside!

Huh. Next time you're at the grocery store, take a good look at this fruit. She's right, they're not simply dark green - avocados are an odd sort of color.

But she loves 'em anyway. That's my healthy girl!

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