Sunday, March 19, 2006

Have to write - But....

I have to write today - a lot.

- An Audacity article

- Sample blog entries for this (BTW - could be a wonderful opportunity for all you Mom Bloggers out there - why don't you give it a shot too?)

- And this here blog entry.

Oh, I've got a plan. And lots of ideas.

But not much umph. No pizzazz. No motivation.

Sweetie wants to: play Play doh, watch Madagascar, play outside, eat Jello, be a butterfly, dance to Nana's favorite song, run around, play, sing Numa Numa, watch Lady and the Tramp, eat granola, etc., etc., etc....

She's plum tuckered me out just from listening to her! Who has time to write when we've got Daddy yogurt to eat and Cinderelmo videos to watch?

So - please consider this my sorry excuse for a blog entry for the day. I promise I'll take the article and the sample entries more seriously in just a little while. For now, though - it's off to the Sweetie Races!

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