Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Funky, Funky

These are my Funky Shoes, so named by Sweetie (okay, okay, so named by me -once - but Sweetie quickly picked up on it and hasn't let go).

Aren't they ADORABLE?! I LOVE them. And I always get oodles of compliments whenever I wear them. They are totally, absolutely, funky cool.

They also, unfortunately, do a number on my feet. As you can plainly see, they've got a good deal of wear on their insides. But in actuality, what you're really looking at is the residue left from the duct tape roll I had placed inside to help keep the dang shoes on. The tape adheses both to the shoes and to the bottom of my plastic braces, thus keeping the shoe securely on my foot.

The tape recently wore out, though, and so I've been wearing them sans tape for the last few wears. This makes wearing them both physically difficult (to keep on and walk in) and dangerous. Allow me to explain.

As you can see from the photo below, my braces are designed without a strap atop my feet to keep them in place. That's what my shoes are for. But, as you can also see, my Funky Shoes don't do this. And so I wind up with sores.

Sores on my ankles from rubbing up and down against my braces with each step I take.

Sores on my toes from - I don't know what. Squeezing? Rubbing? Who knows.

I even have a bruise on my right lower leg from sitting with my legs bent beneath me, therefore my weight pressing, and rubbing, my leg into my brace edge. I guess. Again, not entirely sure how. But there it is. A bruise. And it wasn't there before I wore the shoes last.

One good thing, though (if you can call it that) is that I can feel the bruise. Not all the time, but certainly when I press on it. This is pretty new for me, this feeling below my knees business. I wrote more about the phenomenon here. (On a related note, I've also noticed the last few times I've shaved my legs that I can now feel the coldness of the shaving gel when I put it on my right lower leg. Not so much on the left one still. Sorry, that may be TMI. But I thought it was interesting, so just deal, okay?)

Now - back to my point - if, in fact, I actually have one with this post.

My favorite, funky, cool shoes that I love so much are a pain to wear. They're difficult to walk in, as they too easily slip off my heels, and they create sores and bruises on my legs and feet. Putting new duct tape in them, I admit, would help the first problem. But I'd still have the rubbing and bumping problem. So pain and injury are pretty much a certainty with these shoes.

My mom always told me it hurts to be beautiful - but I never thought she was talking about this!

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