Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #1 (The First Official One, Anyway)

Hi, and welcome to Sweetie Saturday, my new weekly feature inspired by last Saturday's post on Sweetie-isms.

I had so much fun writing that, remembering her silly thoughts and phrases for the week that I thought I'd write about them regularly. Something I should have been doing for awhile now, actually, lest I forget her funny words and ideas as she grows. Oh well, no time like to present to preserve yesterday's memories:

To start with, today Sweetie is sick. Currently she's spending Saturday snoozing soundly on the sofa - snoring, snuggling Teddy, hopefully sleeping off the sick (is that enough "s"'s for ya?)

My mom dropped her off at our work yesterday afternoon so we could go to Barnes and Noble for Pajamarama Storytime. It was to be our first time going and an actress who used to regularly appear on The West Wing, Annette Sousa, (I have no idea what role she played, even though we've watched the show for years) was the guest reader.

First we went to the "O Store" (Target) to get some necessities. Then we headed to B&N. All the while Sweetie seemed logey - just going with the flow, not putting up any fights, yet happy enough to be going to the bookstore to hear a story. Her quiet demeanor didn't seem too out of the ordinary to us as she did fall asleep during her car ride with mom. I guess, in retrospect, we should have realiized that her normal post-nap sleepiness usually wears off much more quickly than this.

Another sign we missed - she didn't want to eat Daddy Granola at our work while I finished up some business. She LOVES granola, yet yesterday she said no to it, adding that she in fact did not like granola. Okay, whatever. A bit weird, but not really. She's never been a big eater, sometimes refusing offers just to be contrary, so this symptom went overlooked as well.

Oh yeah. She also told us once - about 45 minutes or so before she actually got sick - that her tummy hurt. Not a usual thing for her to say, but her claim was not accompanied by whining, crying or anything of the like. Just a passing statement. Again - parentily ignored as a sign of impending doom.

So - we're standing in line at the B&N cafe (much to the disappointment of Sweetie who wanted to go straight to the train in the kid's room), ordering our mochas and Asiago Cheese Pretzels (for my husband and I - Sweetie wanted nothing). Sweetie wanted to be up with Daddy and she rested her head on his shoulder. He put her down only so he could get his wallet out and - yuck! - she threw up. Only a little at first, but quickly followed by two more, shall we say, volumous rounds. Good thing we were on the tiled floor of the cafe and not near the books on the carpeted floor. Or by the other kids in the kid's room. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Sweetie handle herself well, not crying or freaking out about what had just happened. In fact, it was almost as if she was on the outside of the experience looking in. I sat with her at a nearby table as my husband gathered our food order (now boxed up to go) and helped the staff clean up as much as he could. Sweetie just sat quietly, wondering aloud what the lady said to her (offering her hope that Sweetie felt better soon), what the boy was doing with the mess (cleaning it up with a mop and bucket) and what had happened to make her so messy ("I opened my mouth and it came out.").

Obviously, we didn't stick around for storytime. And Sweetie was feeling better enough to be mad about it. "No!, NO!" she cried as we left the store, my husband carrying her away from the activity she was so looking forward to. Promises of our own storytime at home were made, easing her sadness a bit. But our 40 minute ride home was still occasionally punctuated by her cries. Cries of sadness and sickness. Thankfully, though, no more actual "sick"-ness.

Until we pulled in our driveway. My husband was just opening her door to help her out when it happened again. Not so much this time, but plenty enough to be sufficiently yucky. Thankfully she only got her carseat cushion and herself. Not the car. Good - everything in the wash!

Including Sweetie. I plopped her in the tub and got her freshened up. And she didn't put up her usual fight with me upon getting out of the bath - she wanted to go see her Daddy.

The rest of the night went okay - no more throwing up. But she went to bed about 1 hour earlier than usual and slept in 20-40 minute stretches - in various locations other than her bed (the Papasan chair, on the floor in her play room behind some garbage bags full of her clothes I've recently packed up to give away, in her bed with me, in our bed with all three of us) until about 1:30 am. She finally fell asleep then, in her own bed by herself, and slept until 5 am. Then she rested again until 6 am.

And now, she's sleeping again. No more throwing up has taken place and she's even had a good deal to drink today - starting with flat soda, then apple juice and finally just a bit of chocolate soy milk that she's been wanting since she woke up. Everything has stayed put so far. But she hasn't had any actual food yet today, and it's already 12:30.

We're supposed to go out to our friends' house tonight. Hubby and I for a board game night with the grown ups, and Sweetie for a play date with her little friend. This is the third attempt as of late to get together with these friends. And guess what - it doesn't look like it's going to happen this time either.

I'm torn, though. Like I said, she's not gotten physically ill again since last night. And she's been in pretty decent spirits, only getting a bit more mellow and quiet right before she settled herself on the couch, ultimately falling asleep. She may be fine. But I'm sure it's the better, safer decision to just say no to our plans for tonight. Oh well. Next weekend is her friend's birthday party, so we'll get to see them then at least.

So - that's my Sweetie Saturday story for today. Not exactly what I had in mind to set the tone for future Sweetie Saturdays. No talk of Sweetie's recent interest in things being fair or unfair. No mention of her repeated request that Daddy buy her an avocado at the store. Not even a funny mention of Sweetie's new favorite dance she made up - "The Nana".

Those stories will have to wait until next time. Unless, of course, this coming week fills up too quickly with even more silly, crazy, zany Sweetie-isms that I feel I have to share with you all instead.

Until then - I've got a Sweetie to take care of. You all take care now too, ya hear?

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