Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #4

Netflix movie of the day: A Daddy movie choice: Man on the Train.

Unfortunately, there's not much in the way of Sweetie Saturday Sayings today. A pretty dry week. Just a couple cute things to keep you going...

The other day we arrived home from work and Nana's house. Sweetie began her evening by playing quietly with her Fisher Price barn while her Daddy and I got dinner ready. But soon she was coming in to the kitchen saying, Something is crawling in my hair! Daddy looked and - yep - it was a tick.

Tick extraction promptly took place (some major tugging, hair pulling and crying sadly included) and all was right with the world. Daddy sealed the deal that "the tick will never bother you again." by taking a flame to it.

The next day we told Nana about the whole ordeal, and we finished by asking Sweetie to tell how Daddy got rid of the offending tick.

Daddy fired the tick.

Well, yeah, I guess he did.

At school the other morning my hubby and I stuck around a few minutes to make sure Sweetie was all set. Sweetie showed us her favorite play things - the pretend food and kitchen set up. She also showed us the pretend "ice cream cone". But you know what it really was? A fake Tamaki hand roll.

We proceeded to tell her about the fish, rice and other components making up the roll. She agreed - it was sushi - sushi ice cream. She continued holding it like a cone, pretending to lick up the yummy treat.


Okay, this last one is only hearsay because I wasn't present to hear what was actually said. But my mom said that, as Sweetie took a quick bath at her house the other day, Sweetie was happily, heartily singing to herself about "Avocados!" and "Mushrooms!".

It wouldn't surprise me if a few other produce items were tossed into her musical salad as well. What a nut!

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