Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Sweetie is very into what everybody's favorite things are lately.

She wants to listen to Nana's favorite songs (either ABBA or the new, rockin' version of Charlotte Church), Mommy's favorite show (typically American Idol or whatever else she's last seen my watch) or she wants some of Daddy's favorite food (chocolate smoothies or granola).

Many times she's even mentioning our "favorite" things that we really couldn't care less about. But she loves them, so everyone else must as well, right? Yay, peanut butter roll up sandwiches!

The other day we picked Sweetie up from her sometimes babysitter Lee Lee's house. She had a great, fun time playing with Lee Lee's young daughter, Julia. Sweetie LOVES Julia and is always so excited when she gets to spend some time with her.

On the car ride home from this particular visit, Sweetie's post-Julia, happy, agreeable mood quickly turned into an insistent, desperate plea to us to PLEASE listen to "Julia's favorite songs."

Okay, but what are her favorite songs? Sweetie couldn't say.

I'm a Little Teapot? No

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? No

The Alphabet Song? No

Well what then? It took her a good long while but Sweetie finally found her words.

Julia's favorite songs are the High School Musical ones.

Ohhhh! High School Musical, okay!

My husband kept Sweetie's tears at bay for a few minutes longer as her "tried" to find the coveted songs on the radio. No, of course we didn't happen upon any of these tunes. But Sweetie didn't know we'd be unsuccessful with our search. At least we kept her entertained for awhile with this "game". She even grooved on some Metallica and Jane's Addiction, making my husband both happily amused, and slightly concerned.

Our little secret? My husband and I really do love High School Musical too. We even continued to watch this Disney Channel movie after putting Sweetie to bed one night recently. Those songs are great! So much fun!

And we've even put in a good word with the Easter Bunny himself to see if he can slip a copy of the High School Musical soundtrack into Sweetie's Easter Basket this weekend.

I'm pretty confident he'll come through for us - I mean, her.

Family harmony through kitchy, teeny-bopper musicals and bad acting. Finally, a favorite thing we can all happily agree upon.

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steph said...

heehee!! Too funny!