Monday, April 24, 2006

Mama Monday #10

Theme: Wild

Wild curls. Unruly curls. Beautiful curls.

Try as I might, Sweetie's hair remains a wild beast unwilling to be tamed. I comb and style and spray with detangler, but the results only last minutes. And Lord help me if Sweetie is watching in the mirror as I try to manage the mess. I want my curls back! she demands when the comb flattens the top curls a bit too much for her liking.

I love my curly hair. she said just yesterday.

I know you do. So do I. Lots of people love your curls.

Yeah. Papa Dave loves my curly hair too!

Yep, he sure does.

Who knows how long her love for her wild, crazy curls will stay. I know I was not a big fan of my own when I was younger. Long, stick-straight, shiny hair - that's what I longed for. But that was not to be. The grass is always greener....

Oh, and as for that Sesame Street Band-Aid on her forehead? My wild child earned that one, as well as a few more, this past weekend. Jumping off cushions, running around screaming Nature! like Melman the Giraffe, and just plain being clumsy.

Curl detangler and Band-Aids - definite necessities when wildness runs rampant through your home.

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