Friday, April 28, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #5

Okay, so I'm posting this just a wee bit early. But, hey, I've got a busy weekend ahead of me. We're hosting a family brunch on Sunday and our house is a sty. Saturday will be spent cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming. There'll be no time for writing. Anyway, most of you won't even see this 'til tomorrow morning at this point. It's late! You should be in bed! Me, I'm just settling down with a nice glass of Reisling wine and getting comfy in front of my computer. I'm allowed - I had a rough day. Oh, and I'M ON VACATION!!!!! :)

Now, getting on with the whole Sweetie Saturday-ness of the situation... Her latest thing is figuring out all she can about time. Mostly referring to the calendar - the days of the week and months. At this point she basically has "this day" and "Saturday" down pat. Meaning, if it's not "this day" then it must be Saturday.

I bumped my head on the wall, Daddy. She informed him as he carried her downstairs this morning.

Yes you did.

Yeah, but not this day. I bumped my head on Saturday. (Actually, I think it was last Sunday or Monday. But not in Sweetie's world).

I'm sure our being on vacation now will not help her solidify any further understanding of her days of the week. No, It's Tuesday (or Thursday) - a school day, for her next week. Oh well.

Sweetie is also asking lots of questions about what month it is - but I don't think she even really understands what she's trying to ask.

Is it mumphs, Mommy?

Well, this is the month of April, Sweetie. Soon it will be May. Lots happens in May. Papa Dave's birthday is in May and my birthday too!

First Papa Dave's birthday and then your birthday is in May?

That's right!


And tonight at the grocery store she asked about June.

Is it June mumph, Mommy?

No, not yet. June is the month after May. Now it's the month of April, then May, then June.


I'm not sure why her fascination with days and months has recently kicked into high gear. She must be learning about it at school. In fact I tried to encourage her to ask Miss Kathleen about the months. Takes the pressure off me a bit.

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a simple, understandable-to-a-3-year-old answer to the question, What is mumph, Mommy?

I'll tell ya - it's deceptively difficult! Especially when she hasn't yet grasped a deep understanding of any day of the week besides Saturday.

Not this day, anyway. Maybe (next) Saturday.

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