Monday, April 03, 2006

Mama Monday #7

Theme: Unusual

Ha! You know, the first thing I thought of when I saw that the Mama Says Om theme this week is "Unusual" were the lyrics to Tom Jones' famous song.

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone.

Then I thought,

Okay. Let's go with it. I can work with that.

Back in high school I would have definitely disagreed with Mr. Jones' lyrics. I personally felt that it would be unusual to be loved by anyone. Anyone of the male, teenaged persuasion, that is. After all, I knew plenty of girls in my class whom I kind of felt I was prettier and nicer than. Yet, they had boyfriends and I did not. I recognized that my physical disability was my main obstacle to attracting a boyfriend. And it was depressing.

I finally had my first boyfriend towards the end of my senior year. But even so, I was the pursuer. He was an old friend from grade school whom I hadn't seen in years. I needed a date to my senior prom, thought of him, tracked him down, and called him up. The rest is history - a 1 year relationship that tried to morph into friendship, but failed miserably. Oh well. I still wonder about him today. I sometimes think it would be nice to know how he's doing now and to tell him about my life with Sweetie and Hubby. If we're destined to meet again, so be it. Otherwise, I'll just try to remember our happier times and not our sad end.

College life didn't do much to change my thoughts on finding love. Starting my studies at an all women's college didn't help much. Then transferring to a school close to home, enabling me to live off campus, also didn't do much for me socially. I found that I was befriending boys, not romancing (or being romanced by) them. In fact, I had more male friends in college than female ones. It was during these years that I really observed the cattiness of girls and appreciated the laid back easiness with guys. But that's all. No sparks.

Soon after college I started my job at the newspaper where I still work today. And that's where I met my husband. On my first day of work, in fact, on my tour of the company. There I was, hobbling around on crutches, still recovering from spinal surgery a few months back. And there he was, a handsome, smiling young man, happy to greet me into the newspaper world.

Later that day I ate my lunch in the company cafeteria. There he was again, eating his. We sat at separate tables, but exchanged pleasantries and smiles.

The week went on and we kept passing each other during our lunch times.

Friday came and, once again, he soon left the lunch room after my arrival. But this time, 30 seconds later, he was back. Telling me about some tickets he'd just won to a music concert/silent auction/work-sponsored function happening that night. Did I want to join him?


At the time I had no understanding of the details of the event we were going to. I just knew there'd be a band there that he said would be good. Okay, whatever. That sounds like fun.

To make a long story short - we've been together ever since. We went out for coffee after the work event that Friday. Then we went out Saturday night on our first "real" date. And that was that. Here we are today, almost nine years to the day later (April 10th was the work event, April 11th was our first official date). Married with child.

He was the first boy to ever pursue a relationship with me. Much different from what I had grown used to - working up the courage myself to ask the object of my attraction if they'd like to go out. Then being flatly rejected.

From silly high school boys who don't know how to look past physical differences, to a wonderful, loving, giving man who looked right past my disability and into my eyes and my soul. Sure, we've settled a bit into the routine of life, work and family. We don't find much time for the little love notes and dates anymore. The young-love giddiness and flirtations have faded into the daily grind. But our love is there. Our love is pure.

Yes, Mr. Jones. It is unusual, for me at least, to be loved by anyone. But I don't want just anyone. I've found my One. My Love. He loves me for who I am. He improves the quaility of my life, pushing me towards my dreams, challenging me to always be better. And I do the same for him.

He makes me feel not so very unusual anymore.

True love - the "usual" emotion I so longed for, felt so removed from, I finally have.

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