Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #3

Netflix movies of the day: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Electric Company: Disc 1.

For today's Sweetie Saturday I thought we'd take a look at a few of the more amusing - shall I say, unusual - notes we've received from Sweetie's daycare teacher. As you'll see, many times she'll toss in a mention about something that just doesn't seem very noteworthy. Other times, Miss Kathleen writes something that reallly needs more contextual information to help it make sense to us. Oh well, at least they're good for a laugh!

Late January, 2006 (alas, the only note I don't have properly dated...)

(Sweetie) LOVES to dance. Tuesday she spent the majority of the morning using a tamborine and dancing. Today she really enjoyed Totercize and playing with oats in the Sensory Table. Lots of smiles this week!

February 9, 2006

... (Sweetie) has been a little sad at drop-offs. Except this morning. She was smiling. She was dancing alot this morning. When "The Wiggles" music came on in the Totercize room, (she) did not cry at all. She came up to me and said she wanted to go in the bathroom (that's what I told her she could do to get away from the music)...Next week... (Sweetie) will have time to decorate her bag on Tuesday.

March 2, 2006

(Sweetie) had a happy week. She danced to the Hokey Pokey and Purple People Eater... (Sweetie) made wagon wheels on Tuesday and measured oats in the Sensory Table. She put a flat, foam toy between her 2 fingers and told me she made a sandwich.

March 30, 2006

(Sweetie) had a very good week. I'm sure I don't have to tell you - she loves to dance. On Tuesday (she) enjoyed making... a Rainbow Banana - a banana rolled in different flavors of Jello powder. She said it tastes like an orange. (Sweetie) also enjoyed playing with a squishy ball.

April 6, 2006

(Sweetie) had a great week! She spent Tuesday and Thursday mornings "making eggs for Julia." On Tuesday we made Goop... (Sweetie) didn't play with it but was all smiles "just watching". She had a BM in her pull-up around 11:30 on Thursday.

Now, is that something we really needed to know? Probably not. Join the club.

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