Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yeah, But What About ....?

I thought I'd take today to follow up on some issues I've discussed in recent (and maybe not-so-recent) entries. Don't want to leave y'all hangin' about how things have worked out for us. So here goes...

Regarding my headaches - my doctor said Mylanta - oh, wait a minute. No he didn't. Sorry about that.

No, my doctor actually said they sound like stress headaches. He gave me a few options but we settled on a one-week perscription for steroids. That should take care of them for good. Uhhh... okay. He also set me up to see a headache specialist in a month's time. This will just help him monitor me so we can tell if the headaches ever do become an ACM problem. Fine.

But I didn't fill the perscription - yet. I really haven't had a headache since my appointment a couple weeks ago. Figures. I'll keep the headache specialist appointment though. And I'll fill the perscription if I ever need to. For now - I'm good.

Regarding Sweetie's bedtime issues and middle-of-the-night visits - she's all set. We haven't even practiced the sticker-reward system for over a month now. One day after about a week of no 3 a.m. visits I went to present her with her reward sticker. She said, "No! I don't want a sticker! I got out of bed!", which was true to a point - she got out of bed, as usual, right after being tucked in the night before. So I guess she figured she didn't deserve a sticker (we hadn't been that strict though - as long as she only did her 1-time-out-of-bed-at-bedtime thing, she earned her reward in our eyes). Anyway, she didn't want a sticker then and we haven't offered her stickers since. Yet she continues to stay in bed all night - and she continues to get out one time only at bedtime (although within the last week or so she's had several instances of staying put from the get-go).

On the rare occasion that she does get out of bed in the middle of the night, she usually walks herself to the poposan chair in the room next to her's and cries for her teddy - that she left in her bed. Daddy walks her back to bed, hands her teddy and she's good for the rest of the night. Cool.

She's even typically asking to go to bed about 1/2 hour to 1 hour earlier than usual! Fine with us! As long as she doesn't get up super early in the morning because of it. Which she's not. So these issues have all worked out well for everyone.

I never heard from Charlotte - the commentor I was trying to search for a couple weeks back. So, if you're still out there, I'd love to hear from you. Email me through my sidebar link. Hope to talk to you soon. (I did, however, hear from one or two other readers after posting that entry. It was very nice to hear from them and email back and forth a bit. Thanks for writing!).

Regarding our vacation plans - I need to make a correction. You probably realized this already, but Over the Hedge is not in theaters yet. It won't be until May 19th. So I guess this isn't an option even if we had the money. But it looks like we'll definitely be going to the Portsmouth Children's Museum and a petting zoo at the very least. Oh yeah, and out to dinner one or two times too. That will be fun.

And, no, my awesome trio of shoes hasn't arrived yet. But I got word that they've all been shipped. So hopefully tomorrow. I can't wait!

I still can't update you on my exciting secret future writing project. But I will, I promise. I should be hearing more about that sometime in May. When I hear, you all will hear. I swear.

Well - I think that's about it for now. Anything I've missed? If I forgot to wrap up any other issue that you're dying to know about, email me and I'll let you know how things worked out. If you even care that much.

Awwwwww. You do care? That's so sweet. Thanks so much! Love you guys! :)

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