Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #2

Netflix movie of the day: Mary Poppins

Upon meeting up with Sweetie's sometimes babysitter, Lee Lee, at our work this past week. Lee Lee asked Sweetie if she had her car seat ready.

Sweetie: Yes I do.

Me: It's in the car. Go with Daddy and he'll help put it in Lee Lee's car.

Sweetie: You're a good boy, Daddy.


After brushing her teeth one morning, I gave Sweetie a cup of water and asked her to take a sip and spit it out. Instead, she swallowed it.

M: Sweetie! Why'd you swallow that? You're supposed to spit the water out!

S: It's too hard to spit for (Sweeties).


As she stood, without her shirt on, while I changed her out of her pajamas. She was - um, how should I say? - examining her chest when she came up with the following observation.

This is a tickle spot!

And again, upon further experimentation.

This is another tickle spot!

My, my. Is that one going to embarrass her when she's older!

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