Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sweetie-isms of the Week (First of 2 Posts Today)

Upon arriving home one day this week - she with me in my car, Daddy arriving on his own with a car full of groceries:

Um, do you think Daddy bought me an avocado?


The same car trip from above, when I'm asking her about what she's learned in school this week (her note from the teacher said they learned about the 5 senses).

Did you learn about tastebuds at school, Sweetie?

Yeah! Tastebuds - that's so funny!

What do tastebuds do?

Tastebuds are on your tongue. You taste with them.

That's right! What about your ears? What do your ears do?

You find potatoes in your ears! Hah!


Bringing the cinnamon into me in the living room...

What's this, Mommy?


What do cinnamon mean?

Well, it's something to eat. You can put it on toast. It's a type of spice. (confused look on her face.) Here, let's take a look (I unscrew the cap and we look inside.). See, it's like a powder.

Ooooohhhh! It's a powder for my bum!


In the bathroom one morning, Sweetie is upset from a cold she has

Does something hurt, Sweetie?

No. Something's in my mouth.

Do you have a hurt in your mouth?

No. Something is in my mouth. (I take a look - nothing's there).

Does anything hurt inside your mouth or neck?

Um, no. (major look of exasperation). Um, I... Mommy, you say the words.

A little later she says I have a sore throat.

You do? Well that means it hurts. Does it hurt?



Sweetie and I spent the day together yesterday while her Daddy went to visit a friend. I kept asking her if she wanted to go visit Nana. She always answered no, she didn't. So we stayed home.

Cut to yesterday evening, close to Sweetie's bedtime.

I need my Nana. (squeezing her Teddy, such a sad little voice)

You do, why?

I miss my Nana.


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