Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Lumpy Day (Second of 2 Posts Today)

Yesterday my husband went out to have a "man - date" with one of his good friends. So he's out in the world, watching movies, going out for lunch, snacking on frozen yogurt. And Sweetie and I are home.

I don't like going outside with her when I'm by myself because I can't guarantee she'll stay where I need her to be. Besides, it's still too cold out.

And she didn't want to go to my mom's house either. So we stayed home.

As you all know, she and I have had plenty of days alone together. And we always end up having a pretty good time. But yesterday just seemed very 'blah".

I kept asking her if she wanted to do activity books, color or play games. No, she didn't.

I personally would have been content to blog-hop, frittering away my time staring at the computer (which, I admit, I did spend some time doing). But I also didn't want to ignore Sweetie, letting her more or less fend for herself.

Alas, I feel that's kind of what happened. Oh, we spent plenty of time together - watching T.V. And not good T.V., either. Pretty much anything that was mildly entertaining and created some background noise in the house.

I hate letting the T.V. be a babysitter. I try not to let that happen too much. But there are some shows she absolutely loves, and her contentment with watching them allows me to get chores done or spend some time doing what I want to do.

And, of course, if I'm watching right along with her, then I can't say the T.V. is "babysitting" her, is it? Well, let's go with that anyway.

The T.V. wasn't on all day, though. There were times that she and I were each doing our own thing - Sweetie playing "barn" or making "tea" for her animals. Me web surfing or reading a magazine. Just two lumps trying to get through our day.

Then Daddy came home and - pow! - Sweetie was ON! Time for the silliness to begin - it's Daddy Time!

I told him about our quiet day and he couldn't believe me, considering how jazzed up Sweetie currently was. I simply answered that he's the silly, active one. I don't know how to be silly. (Obviously, I was feeling a bit down on myself - after our lumpy, sleepy day - for not being able to do the more active, physical things with Sweetie that she loves to do).

What?! You don't know how to be silly? That's a tradigery-doo if ever I heard one! Sweetie, Mommy doesn't know how to be silly! We need to teach her!

What followed was a "lesson" from my two favorite "teachers" in silly faces, silly words and silly songs.

It looks like I have a lot to learn.

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