Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's Hard Out There For A Shrimp

I haven't got a clue what I want to write about today. I wanted to use this title though. I had grand ideas about equating my life as a short person in a tall family to the lives of the family on TLC's Little People Big World. Plus I think this Academy Award winning song is kind of funny. Funny in an "Okay, so I don't really think this deserves an award, but at least it's got a good beat and, hey, look at the other two songs it was up against anyway" sort of way.

But, nope. I've got nothing. I only caught the end of LPBW last night, so I don't know much about this family to talk intelligently about their situation. From what I've seen, though, they seem like an interesting, fun-loving family who are getting along pretty well in their daily lives.

Yes, I'm short, but I manage just fine. I can't reach the olive oil in the over-the-stove cabinets in our kitchen, but I'm "miraculously" able to get a wine glass down from the top shelf almost every day without any help. And I'm not looking forward to parenting a moody, irrational teenage daughter who happens to be about a foot taller than myself. But that's life. Being short is just one more thing on my list of life challenges. One more thing that makes me different from the "norm". And different from what Sweetie is destined to be.

Other random things Sweetie can/will be able to do that I'm not able to because of my spina bifida:

Enjoy as much chocolate as she likes. Every day for months now Sweetie has insisted on having chocolate milk instead of white milk. That's fine for her, but if that were me I'd be having some serious, daily tummy troubles. I don't know why exactly, but I can only have just so much chocolate before my body decides to revolt. On the plus side, I've experienced such extreme "tummy aches" in my life from too much chocolate that when childbirth came around, I was more or less familiar with the type of pain that went along with it.

Take dance lessons
. We don't currently have plans, or the finances, to sign her up for classes yet. But she is physically able to dance. Loves it, in fact. She is the resident dancer in her "school". Just the other morning I took her there and her foot started tapping to the music despite her anger that I had to go to work. This girl is simply incapable of letting a good song pass her by!

Iceskate. Again, we have no plans for this, but I imagine it's something she could do if she wanted to. However, seeing as neither myself nor my husband nor anyone I know very well regularly takes to the ice, I don't know if this is something Sweetie will want to pursue. But if she wants to, great! More power to her!

Wear high heeled shoes. As a teenager it was my dream to have adjustable braces made so that I could wear flats or high heeled shoes. But, no such luck. I'm forever stuck wearing flat, wide, boring shoes. I hate going shoe shopping because of it, in fact, because finding a pair that I'm able to wear is near impossible. Hate it! Sweetie will be able to wear whatever style of shoe catches her eye, though. And I plan to give in to some of her wishes regarding this (nothing too crazy, mind you, but the girl should have some fun!)

You know what? There are probably a ton of other things, but I can't think of any right now. I'll add more if/when I think of them.

I've been lucky. I've not been deprived of opportunities to at least try many different activites in my life. In return, I plan to give Sweetie every opportunity to achieve her own dreams and test the waters in many different activities and learning experiences throughout her life.

I can't wait to fly along with her, then proudly watch her head out on her own, as she stretches her wings and soars toward her goals.

(Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go kitchen-counter-climbing so I can have me a nice glass of wine.)

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