Monday, March 06, 2006

Mama Monday #3

Theme: Create

What a perfect theme for this cold weather winter Monday afternoon.

Perfect because it's the first day of my first on-line course with Barnes & Noble University. The class title? "The Best Year of Your Life"

That's right. Starting today, I'm heading out on a new adventure, a new chapter in my life to create for myself the best year ever. With the help of instructor/author Debbie Ford, her wonderful, inspirational books, and the motivation, encouragement and camaraderie of my fellow on-line classmates, I am going to do everything in my power to create the life I've been dreaming about for so long.

As I approach the one year anniversary of this blog, I must admit that many wonderful and exciting doors have already opened for me because of it, creating the beginnings of an awesome time in my life. I've gained so much through this site. Everything from writing experience, discipline and opportunities to new friendships and a satisfying sense of purpose. Even though I'm just telling my one story of being a disabled mom raising a healthy, active toddler, many of my amazing readers have let me know how much I've touched their lives. From women with spina bifida or other disabilities who have only dreamed of parenthood for themselves, to single, healthy women who are interested in learning my story and realziing our similarities dispite our physical differences - every one of you means so much.

Here's to creating! I wish you all the best in friendships, happiness, purpose and satisfaction. I for one can't wait to put my creative juices to further use to help me realize and obtain a truly wonderful year ahead.

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