Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mama Monday #28

Theme: Train

All aboard for my train-of-thought take on this week's theme:

Sweetie loves The Train Store (for its train set found in the children's section), but couldn't care less about the train set we got her for Christmas last year.

I love the band Train

I once took a train from Boston to Orlando with my mom and aunt. Fun trip going down, not so fun coming home

Potty training Sweetie went much more smoothly than I thought it would - the second time, anyway

With Hubby's new work schedule and uneven income flow, we're definitely going to have to retrain ourselves to be more financially mindful and for me to learn a new way to keep our finances in order

As a girl, I really wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle. But my disability gives me the disadvantage of very poor balance. So I never graduated from my Strawberry Shortcake 2-wheeler with training wheels

I think I was among the first in my class to get a training bra. And I distinctly remember one bratty boy in particular who thought it was really funny to snap my strap

My wedding dress did not have a long train. And my veil was sweet - attached to a comb tucked in to my updo at the back of my head. I love my wedding dress too - absolutely perfect for me. Off the shoulder, corsetted bodice, all in a creamy Shantung silk. Gorgeous!

There are 2 points along our commute to work where we could be stopped by a train crossing the tracks - one about a mile from our house and the other about 7 miles further. Mostly, though, we're able to miss them

One of my brother's initial's are R.R.S. (Hi, Rob!). He used to write them out like a railroad crossing sign - a large "X" with an "R" on either side (not sure what he did with the "S", though. And not sure if he still does this)

One of my favorite authors is Virgina Woolf. Love that train-of-thought writing style (okay, stream-of-consciousness style, but, basically, it's the same thing)

And finally - Sweetie has been having lots of fun recently with rhyming words. One of her favorites? Moose, Goose.....Caboose!

Now - vamoose!

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