Friday, August 18, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #21 - Wedding Party Edition

Posted a tad early, again, due to yet another early morning start to another Saturday adventure.

Last weekend we travelled to Burlington, VT to attend my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, a gorgeous day, and lots of fun was had by all.

Sweetie was especially excited about the weekend's events. She was all wedding party all the time. She herself got to wear a wedding dress, she danced at the wedding party, we stayed at the wedding hotel, etc, etc.... (you get the idea).

We were changing into our wedding clothes at the first hotel (long story - don't ask) when the phone rang. At the time, Hubby was tracking down the guy with the box of light bulbs (part of the long story. Really - don't ask) and I was, um, using the facilities. But there was Sweetie, picking up the phone and talking like a big girl.


(It was Nana, staying in another room)

Hi Nana!..... Yes..... Uh huh....... Why, sure you can!

And then she handed the phone to me.

Wow! What a good job she did! Today - answering the phone. Tomorrow - racking up the cell phone charges.

Sweetie, also, was so proud of herself. She was all like,

I called Nana! I talked to Nana on the Wedding Phone!

And, of course, when we got to the second hotel (just - don't), she instantly went to that room's phone, waiting to call Nana again on this all new wedding phone.

What a silly monkey!


A couple days before we left, I casually told Sweetie, just once, that we could go to The Teddy Bear Factory during our trip.

Well, maybe kids don't hear everything we tell them, but they certainly pay attention to the things that most intrigue them... Sweetie continued to ask me every day about going to the Factory.

And, of course, we went. She got a bear. We had fun in town. Then we came home.

A relaxing, mini vacation. How nice to get away. :)

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