Friday, August 04, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #19

Heard this past week:

As Sweetie studied the mechanics of her foot and ankle:

Look, Daddy. My Adam's apple is by my toes.


From the back seat of the car:

It's my birthday! It's my birthday!

We turn around to see what she was doing and who she was talking to. She had completely covered herself up with a large blanket and she was talking to her Hello Kitty figurines (who were with her under the blanket).

Hubby asks:

Are you the present?


Are you a ghost?

NO! It's my party!

(This reminded us that she did say earlier in the week, while doing the same thing with this blanket, that this was her party blanket.)

Your party?

Yeah! This is my party blanket.

Oh! That's right.

Yeah. You were confused, Daddy.


I told my mom about Teddy's tragic emergency this past weekend. She later asked Sweetie about it. Mom wondered if Sweetie could show her where exactly Teddy got hurt, to which Sweetie said.

Oh, no. Not this Teddy at your house. It was my other Teddy at my house.

So much for "keeping the dream alive" that her "one and only" Teddy magically travels with her from house to house.


And now for something completely amazing!

Sweetie put this puzzle together all by herself this week!

First she took the pieces out, grouped them by color, then put the whole thing back together again.

She's the smartest little girl in the world, isn't she? Yeah. I thought so. :)

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