Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yeah, But Trading Spaces Was On

So, last night was interesting.

Our chiropractor had asked us earlier this week if we had plans for Saturday night. When we said we were free, she asked if we like Jazz and Blues. Sure!

Turns out another patient of hers had purchased tickets to a Blues Bash concert. But she ended up not being able to go, so she gave them to our chiropractor.

Our doctor was all set to go and have a great time when she realized she had a wedding to go to that day. Going to an evening function as well would just make for a too long and tiring day. So we got the tickets. Cool!

In all honesty, we didn't know what to expect. The Bash was held at a health and fitness center one town over from where we live. So that was somewhat questionable. But the ticket price was $50 a pop (we acquired them for free. Double cool!), so we were reasonably hopeful that there would be drinks and snacks available. If the event was a bust, at least we could drown our boredom in alcohol and shrimp cocktails.

Ummmmm, try Skittles, animal crackers, peanuts and tortilla chips with salsa. But there was a cash bar, so that was good. I had an amaretto sour and Hubby had his Sam Adams lager. We were content.

So anyway, we got there at 7pm, when the event began. We were "checked in" when they asked us what name we were under on the guest list. Uh.... we had no clue. We told our tale of our third hand tickets. No problem, they just checked off our ticket numbers instead of name. All set.

Even though we got there on time, the only other people there were the band (still warming up), the event organizers and their dates, and a token "DJ" and her husband (although I only saw her take the mic one time and she hardly said or did anything that was very DJ-like. But she was wearing a skin tight, 2 piece, belly bearing get up with a floor length, sparkly, shear jacket on top. So at least she provided some visual entertainment).

By about 7:30 a few more people had shown up and the "event" truly began. Turns out we were at a fundraiser for The Harriet Wilson Project. Who the heck is Harriet Wilson? We were asking ourselves the same thing. Well, one of the organizers soon stood up and told the "crowd" (term loosely used) a little more. Harriet Wilson was the first black person in the world to have a novel published in English. Huh. How about that. Oh, and she's from one town over from where we live - Milford, NH. Double huh!

So this event was all about raising money to build and erect a life sized statue of Ms. Wilson in a park in Milford. Presumably, some of the ticket proceeds were going to this fund, as were the proceeds from a silent auction. Too bad the turn out was so sparse.

Meanwhile, back at the homefront... Nana was watching Sweetie and was all set to put her to bed. We told my mom we wouldn't stay long - we'd be home by 9:30. I admit, when we left home I was a bit leery that we'd meet the 9:30 deadline. I was secretly hopeful that we'd find ourselves in the middle of some cool concert scene that we'd not want to pull ourselves away from.

Oh well. No such luck. Even though the music was good, by about 8:00 we were looking at our cell phone clocks, telling ourselves we only had to stick it out for another hour.

By 8:15 we were planning our escape route - get up, peruse the silent auction offerings, and keep on heading right out the door.

By 8:30 we were in our car, to arrive home 10 minutes later.

Just in time to for Hubby to put Sweetie to bed himself and then for us to settle down to watch one of our favorite shows. Oh, and for Hubby to satisfy his man crush on Faber Dewar.

I like Faber. he says. He's a doer.

Yep. This was much more our speed.... How boring are we.

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