Sunday, April 15, 2007

Becoming One Of "Them" - Maybe.

I see, from a quick glance back at my last several posts, that I've more or less talked about nothing lately. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Nothing to see here, folks. Thanks for stopping in. Move right along, now....

Ah! So you think today is going to be different, do you? You think, by contrast, I have something thrilling and insightful and deeply meaningful to share with you now?

Ummmm.... let's see.... well, there's that... don't think you'd care about that... ahhhh, nope. Still nothing.

BUT - I am proud of Sweetie! We made plans to take her to the drive-in movies last night. She put her jammies on, got snacks for the car, got all bundled up. Then, upon arriving to the drive-in, we discovered that they don't actually open until next weekend. Bummer! Sweetie was upset, but so were Hubby and I. She wasn't totally traumatized, though, and really dealt with the disappointing news pretty well. Yay!

Another thing - I just found out yesterday about the exciting opportunites available in direct sales parties selling wine! Woo hoo! Now THAT's my kind of home party! Bringing a wine tasting to your hostess and her guests? Sounds awesome - as a hostess or a consultant. Even Hubby is intrigued and suggested we could do parties together - he'd lug the bottles and pour the wines, and I'd do all the talking/selling. Hmmmm..... I'll definitely have to get more info on all of this.

So - aren't you glad you clicked here today? I bet! I tell ya - I sure am full of Good News/Good Information.

Or something. I'm definitely full of something....

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