Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mid-Week Menagerie

Nothing's on TV tonight. American Idol results, yes, but that was short-lived and, like I said last week, whatever.

Our dishwasher broke down about a week ago. I decided, with Hubby's blessing, that we could deal with not having a working dishwasher for the time being instead of pay the high price, again, to have it repaired, again (it would be the second time in about 4 years). I'm trying to convince myself that washing dishes is calming, therapeutic, fun, and relaxing. But we all know I'm not fooling anyone, least of all myself.

Sweetie's sick with a mild cold, which she's generously shared with me. Ever since her fever illness a couple weeks ago, it's been her thing to complain about a tummy ache every once in awhile. Not that she actually has one - it's just something to say when she's trying to get out of something (like staying at school). But yesterday and today she's changed it up a bit. Yesterday she said her tongue hurt. And today she told my mom that her cheeks hurt and that she needed cheek medicine. Hmmmm.... maybe it would behoove me to shine a flashlight into her mouth to see what's up. On the other hand - I still think she's just complaining to complain.

You know what? My tongue hurts. Weird.

It's snowing here. On April 4th. Could be up to 8 inches or so by morning. Yay. New England weather is awesome - not.

I've got a book club book to finish, a house to clean in time for Easter brunch, and a new counted-cross stitch pattern to sew. But instead, I think I'll go down some cold medicine, take a nice hot bath, then go to bed. I will attempt to read, but that never works out very well. I'll surely be asleep within only a page or two. Oh well - at least I'll try.

Oh - and have you voted today? Please, do keep it up! I can win this thing only with your consistent help. Thanks so much!

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