Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am not a strongly opinionated person. Give me an issue - any issue - and I'll most likely see both sides of the coin. That, or I'll just not get too hyped up about one option or the other. Whatever.

Some might think it's a blessing to be so open-minded. To be able to relate to so many varying points of view. But I have a different take on it. I've always thought that I'm too wishy-washy. Too not able to make a stand. Too not caring enough about any one thing.

However, one topic I'm glad I'm not so caring about is T.V. I know I've mentioned many times what big T.V. watchers we are. The T.V. is almost always on - sometimes for no other reason but to have background noise. That's kind of how I grew up. It's what I'm used to.

But we've been without several of our favorite cable channels for about a month now. And you know what? I don't miss them at all. I don't think Hubby does either. It's just not necessary to plop on the sofa watching, again, how people should dress themselves, or how a bland living room can transform into a relaxing, beautiful oasis. Really - who cares?

Hubby, though, is one who can get very into his shows. If he's home, and one of his shows is on when Sweetie needs to go to bed, one of three things must happen to make his world right: 1) He must get Sweetie up and settled in bed well before his show starts, 2) I need to take over bedtime duties so Hubby doesn't miss one second of his show, or 3) the VCR must be set up to tape said beloved show so that Hubby is free to take his time with Sweetie, then watch his show in peace once she's asleep.

I, too, have my own shows that I love. But, whereas Hubby must at all costs view his shows in their entirety without interruption, I am not so put out by the act of putting Sweetie to bed in the middle of my T.V. time. Or doing the dishes. Or starting a load of laundry. Or taking a phone call. I can multi-task just fine.

I asked Hubby to tape Oprah for me yesterday. The commercials looked interesting and I wanted to watch. He meant to do it, but he got distracted and forgot. Whatever. I'll see it sometime when it's a repeat.

I love American Idol. But I inevitably miss a performance or two during Sweetie's bedtime each week. Whatever - I'll see the wrap up at the end of the show and at least get a glimpse of everyone's singing.

And that's another thing! American Idol this season. Everyone hates Sanjaya. No one can understand why on Earth he's still around. One of my co-workers is so worked up about him that she's vowed not to watch anymore if he doesn't get booted tonight (he didn't - what a shocker). One of my friends vehemently can't stand the sight of him either. She always emails me after the performance shows and asks me who I'm voting for.

The difference between she and I? She's actually picking up the phone and voting. I'm not.

Cuz you know what I say, right? Whatever. I too don't like Sanjaya. I too don't understand who the heck is voting for him enough each week to keep him on. Furthermore, I'm not too thrilled with any of the singers this year. I have my favorites, but I think they'll do well regardless of whether or not they win this contest. I'm not living and breathing in accordance to this show. I'm entertained by it. I enjoy watching it. But I don't care, by and large, about who stays and goes, wins or loses.

People all around me are getting so worked up about this show's controversy. People all around me are so busy being outraged by all the injustices in the world in general - or just what's going wrong in one's own hometown.

Me? I'm just living my life, trying to mind my own business, being grateful for all that I have, helping others where I know I can, and staying out of the way of the craziness.

Not that it's a bad thing to get worked up about certain things and fight the good fight. As long as you're willing to fight - go for it! It's just not for me.

So, what do you think about that? Whatever... I'm not too concerned.

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