Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #50

Whenever I want to drive home a point to Sweetie, I almost always end my instruction with,

Do you understand?

Case in point - the other day she was dragging our bamboo footstool across the hardwood floor. It was turned upside down and all her friends were inside. She said it was her car.

Stop that! It ruins the floor. Do you understand?

Still, I think it took one or two more reminders for her to reluctantly stop.

Then, a few minutes later, she comes up to me and says,

But Mommy, there's an imaginary blanket underneath my car. It won't hurt the floor anymore. Do you understand?


I feel a little redundant with this one, 'cuz I already posted it this week over at my new favorite website (there's a cool tool where you can ad kidisms to your personal account - funny things you're kids have said or done). But for everyone visiting here....

We were watching Grease:You're The One That I Want the other night when the Sandys sang Hopelessly Devoted To You. Sweetie commented,

This is a Grease song... I mean, it's in the movie. Cuz, Grease doesn't sing it. Sandy does.


And finally, more undeniable proof that my Sweetie is growing up.

I present to you her very first spelling assignment from school.

While I'm not entirely sure what all the words are there (what does ne mean?), at least I know her teacher was satisfied with Sweetie's work. She got everything correct!

Yay, Sweetie! Great job!

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