Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Too Far

That's it. I'm done. It's over. I've gone too far. My Sweetie needs me way more than the blogosphere does....

At least, that's how I felt this past Monday morning after.... I made. Sweetie. cry.


See, she was working on a puzzle and I was typing up my Mama Monday post. It was a quick post, really, but it had links and stuff, which always adds a little extra work to the project.

Sweetie kept asking for help, and I kept telling her, Just a minute. I'm almost done.

She kept asking for help, and I'd quick go put in a piece of her puzzle, then quick back to my writing.

Just a minute. I'm almost done.

She kept asking for help. And I kept writing... just finishing up... really.

Then.... she burst into angry tears.




So, guess what I did? No, I didn't keep typing. I went right to Sweetie, to comfort her cries and to work on her puzzle with her.

Man, what a bad Mommy I am! Too busy writing about Sweetie to actually spend time playing with Sweetie.

Yeah, that's real cool. I rock.

Anyway, I've since come to my senses. I'm not giving up on the blog - not at all. I'll just try extra hard to get the majority of my writing done either when Sweetie's in bed or when Hubby is around to play with her.

I mean, that's pretty much what I do anyway. But those Monday posts - if I don't get a chance to write them ahead of time on Sunday night, then inevitably I'll have to take a bit of time on Monday mornings to bang something out.

I need to find a good balance. And I will. I'm almost there.

Also, to be fair, Sweetie may have been just a tad bit moodier earlier this week than usual, seeing as she was getting over a virus and all.

So, you see, maybe I'm not such a bad Mommy after all.

Anyway, as part of my plan to maintain enough me time for myself, as well as ample Sweetie and Mommy play time, I've taken it upon myself to start up a weekly virtual play date for moms only, scheduled for after the kids are in bed. So moms can enjoy a fun, chatty, girly night "out" without ever being too far from their kids. (dig that craaaazzzy seque/title tie-in!)

Called Thursday Night Play Date and set up as a new group over at the awesome website Maya's Mom, my group was formed just a couple days ago and already we're several members strong. Wow! I can't wait to meet everyone!

Wanna join too? I'd love to have you! You'll find the group info here. Like I said, it's a girls' night out (while staying home), pour yourself a glass of wine, log in, and have lots of fun sort of group. We'll be meeting every Thursday night at 9:30 EST and we'll be able to type and receive messages in (almost) real time. Not quite a chat room, but the closest thing to it! We're going to have a blast!

True, you must be registered as a member of Maya's Mom before you can participate. But that's okay. I've been a member for a few weeks now and I keep coming back to the site, always amazed at everything it has to offer - endless amounts of great info; intelligent, fun people; and loads of opportunies to connect and feel welcome. There's really no harm in joining. So come on! Register today and come to my Play Date. And remember, whine - and wine - always allowed. Yay!

Given my new Thursday night commitment, I am going to lay off the Thursday Thirteen for awhile. I want to get my Play Date group going. I want to reach out to other moms on a more personal level. I want to have girl chat time. I want Thursday Night Play Date to flourish and thrive!

Now, I just have to have Hubby run out to the store tomorrow so that I have a fresh bottle of wine to pop open tomorrow night!

A glass of wine and chatting with new girlfriends. With a peacefully sleeping, happy Sweetie snuggled tight in her bed all the while.... tuckered out after a fun evening of girl time for she and I.

Sounds perfect to me. A really great balance, indeed.

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