Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17 - The Return

Thursday Thirteen is back, baby!

And this week I'm gonna show you...

13 Funny/Crazy/Weird/Interesting Things Sweetie Has Done Around Our House Over The Last Couple Months Or So.


Installed fans in her play kitchen.


Stuffed guests into her Paz the Penguin Car.


Dangled her mary janes at the entrance to her house (the underneath of our pub table) as a doorway decoration.


Set Teddy up so he had someone to hang out with before we all headed out for the day.


Maybe not too funny, but a little odd that she regularly keeps her baby doll in the corner. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" Uh, yeah... Sweetie does.


Rhino and Dog out on a shoe cruise.


The aforementioned underneath of our pub table - Sweetie's house. Notice the couple of friends visiting, as well as Teddy's couch (the checkbook box) in the background.


Thanks to Papa Dave, Sweetie loves to tie knots. Here we see some of her handiwork on the underside of a kitchen stool.


Two slippers are better than one for Sweetie's indoor carpet version of snowboarding.


Mickey and Pooh, all decked out and ready to celebrate Bunny's birthday party - under our dining room table.


Pooh Bear, seeing if he can master the carpet snowboarding thing.


Sweetie's under the table again - this time it's for Teddy's birthday party and it's under our TV table in the living room.


And finally, we have Curious George, Bunny, Teddy and my Puppy (the one Sweetie picked out as my get well gift when I was in the hospital. The one that Sweetie has adopted away from me, even though she still says he's Mommy's Puppy) hangin' out in our kitchen.

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