Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've Got Friends In Cyber Spaces

Ya know, it honestly all started after my Hubby started receiving email notifications by the ton, saying that his "Buddy" had left him a note. Or his "Buddy" had posted a new blog entry. Or his "Buddy" wanted to ask his advice on one woodworking project or another.

Who the heck are all these "Buddies" and why are they infiltrating our email inbox at such an alarming rate?

Kinda makes a girl feel lonely.

Meanwhile, I got an invitation to join yet another Mom's website - Maya's Mom.

I've been invited before by such sites. And I've pretty much joined them all. But that's it. Nothing comes of it. So my blog is listed on some big blogrolls. That's great and all, but it hasn't necessarily meant the formation of friendships or even the slightest interaction with/networking with different people all over the world.

Still, I accepted the invite anyway. What the heck?! I registered and looked around the site a bit. Actually - this place seemed pretty cool!

For one thing, my blog feeds there, so whenever I post something here at Spina Bifida Moms, it automatically is available to read at Maya's Mom (Hi everyone!). And members can comment on my entries there as well.

Or, if I want to post an entry (called a Journal) only there, I can do that too. And I've done just that, in association with my Maya's Mom group - Thursday Night Play Date.

But maybe most awesome are all the friendships I'm forming. Since I decided to establish my group, I've invited each new group member to be my Friend. As a Friend, you can view each other's private photos and keep up to date on everyone's latest Maya's Mom activities and interests.

Now I'm the one who's getting all the email updates about what's going on with my Friends! I love getting those messages! Everytime someone puts a new comment on one of my Friends Only pictures I've posted. Everytime someone wants to join TNPD. Everytime someone comments on one of my Journal entries - I get an email!

I love getting to know these women. I love looking at their adorable pictures and reading their amazing journal entries. I love to see who's most recently joined the site. I love to pass notes between us - notes of Thanks, notes to say You Rock! and notes just to say Hi.

Yes, seeing that I have so many emails coming in just for me is exciting. It really does give me a lift. But it's much more than that. Actually going on-line, browsing around, and establishing true connections with all my new friends is really amazing. So many smart, funny, interested people are Maya's Mom members. And I'm so glad to be a real part of that.

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