Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #51 - Other People's Kids Edition

Sweetie didn't come up with too many funnies this week. Only a small bit of wisdom when I grabbed the oil delivery envelop off the front door.

What's that, Mommy?

Nothing. Just a bill.

Oh. We don't like bills. We only like letters.

Amen, Sista! You got that right!


So, I thought I'd share a couple doozies I found during my recent tours of the blogosphere.

This first one comes from my new friend over at Crooked Pigtails. One of her two adorable daughters, Miss A, has some very definite ideas about what they need to get at the grocery store. Go check it out!


Then there's this one from Breed 'Em and Weep. When I read this entry I was mightily amused, to say the least. Then I attempted to read it aloud to Hubby... and I just couldn't do it! I was laughing too hard to get through. So, go on. Go read it, hon. DO IT NOW!

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