Friday, March 16, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #49

There are no bones about it - at only 5 ft. tall, I am short. Oh well. At least I can take solace in the fact that, for now, I am at least taller than Sweetie. Still, that didn't help me the other day when I was trying to reach one of her cups on the top shelf.

I called to my Hubby, who was in the living room with Sweetie,

Can you please help me? I can't reach this cup.

Hubby didn't hear me.


But before I could call out again, Sweetie explained to him,

Mommy can't reach my cup because she's too medium.


As I've mentioned before, Sweetie and I often work on putting together her map of the United States puzzle. She's getting really good at recognizing many of the states. I'm truly impressed!

To help her make better associations, I've told her such things as, This (Florida) is Mickey Mouse's state. This (Illinois) is where Oprah lives. and This (Ohio) is where I lived when I was your age.

I realized, however, that I may have taken this association thing too far when Sweetie pointed to the state just west of North Dakota and said,

This is Hannah!


Guess what? Sweetie, my hasn't-taken-a-midday-nap-in-ages daughter, actually fell asleep this week during her Pre-K rest time! Wow - color me amazed!

That evening I was reminding her for some reason of how she sat with Daddy on the couch that morning and he held her with two hands as she drank her morning milk.

You mean the other day. Sweetie said.

No, it was just this morning, don't you remember?

Yeah! That was not this day! It was the other day!, Sweetie insisted.

No, Sweetie. It was definitely this morning, right before I took you to school.

Then she explained her reasoning,

No, it was the other day! I went to school and fell asleep. So I waked up and it was a new day!


Even though we don't get to see him as often as we'd like, Sweetie absolutely loves our friend Mark. So one day, out of the blue (and clearly desperate for something to entertain Sweetie) I invented a game: What Do You Think Mark's Doing Now?

Sweetie's usual answer (for the limited number of rounds we've played) was that he's at the popcorn store (the movie theater). She must have gotten this from us telling her how much he likes to watch movies.

Anyway, we played this silly game maybe a few times that week. That's it. Since then, many weeks, maybe even months, have passed.

Cut to just the other night at dinner time. Sweetie and I were quietly sitting at the table, waiting for Daddy to join us.

Sweetie must have been a little uneasy with our silence because she eventually said to me, with a smirk on her face.

So, Mommy.... um... What do you think Mark is doing now?

Well, if he's reading this now, I'd say he's probably laughin'.

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