Sunday, March 04, 2007


Sorry - not in the mood. I was an hour ago when I wrote out a long-winded, heart-felt post. When I wrote about feeling invisible cuz nobody wanted to participate in my contest, play my games, or any number of examples of my invisibility from my real life over the past few weeks.

But then I accidently X'd out of the screen I was typing on and it all went away. It's gone. It took me an hour to write and now it's gone.

Sorry, I'm not wasting another hour to write it all again.

This post I just absentmindedly deleted - it spoke of how invisible I must be, not only to you readers who don't play along when I ask you to, but also to a local restaurant that won't give me my money back, another company that says it sent me a a package almost 2 weeks ago and it's still not here, and a few other examples of not only Where's Amy? but, in fact, Who the heck is this Amy person anyway?

However, this previously deleted post did end on a happy, uplifting, even thankful note. A note of rising above and being appreciative of all that I do have. A note of how I know for myself that I exist and I know that my few, loyal, regular readers also do see and appreciate me as well. A note of triumph over adversity!

But now I just want to cry. Now it just all seems like another cruel twist in the Amy doesn't exist or matter or nothin' list of woes that has been my life lately.


Sorry - it's not just about my silly contest. It's lots of things.

My one last note this time, though, is that, despite all the yuck, I will try my hardest to look past it all and know that I'm doing well and doing right. I believe in myself and that's a great step in the right direction for having others believe in me too.


For those of you who care, here are the answers to yesterday's quiz. Nobody won, though, cuz nobody played. Thanks, Rob, for at least dropping in and saying hi. :)

1) A Little Bit More by Jamie Lidell - one of the many Target commercials

2) Hit Me Up by Gia Farrell - Wheat Thins

3) Miles and Miles by DEE - Ford Edge Trucks

4) El Chocolate by Tricia Sebastian - Chocolate Life cereal

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