Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #55 - I Love Edition

I Love:

• When I can hear your soft singing echoing my own as we sing along to the radio in the car.

• The way you study my mouth when I sing a new song, at the same time you're trying to repeat the words right after me.

• Cuddling on the couch with you and stealing sniffs of your beautiful hair.

• That you love your curls so much. Always insisting that I never comb away the curls!

• Your belly laugh - and all the crazy things you do and see that make you giggle.

• When you call me Mama.

• How you can "read" Goodnight Moon to me - you know all the words!

• That you know which state is Minnesota.

• That you can also recognize so many other states.

• Your great memory.

• When you use your high pitched voice to "talk" for all your friends.

• That your idea of a treat is a vitamin, a bowl of blueberries or strawberries, or a pineapple chunk.

• All your rules - Teddy, Curious George and Bunny are home sleeping friends, Winnie the Pooh is your school sleeping friend, you must be held with two hands when you drink your morning milk and bed milk, etc., etc., etc...

• That you have different rules for different places - you expect different things when at Nana and Papa Daves' house, different from Grammy and Grampys' house, different from Noki's house.

• That you insist Winnie the Pooh comes everywhere with us now whenever we leave the house.

• That your silly paper ladybug on a popsicle stick that you made at school a few weeks ago also is now a frequent traveling companion.

• Picking you up at school - my favorite time of the week!

• When you tell me you had a great day, but you missed me. I missed you too, Sweetie.

• How you're always great. - How are you, Sweetie? - Great! (or just Great. if you're in a less than stellar mood).

• How you say, I'm NOT okay! when you get hurt.

• How well you bounce back from injuries and/or setbacks.

• That you know so many French words and use them on a regular basis (if perhaps not in the most grammatically correct way). - Oops! I tombe'd.

• When you try to make up your own French or Spanish words.

• When you hear a new word and are so curious to learn what it means - and use it as much as you possibly can!

• How smart you are.

• How wise you are.

• How clever you are.

• How beautiful you are - inside and out!

• I love everything about you - you're my Sweetie!

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