Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So. Notice anything different about me? Say, like some flashing, flashy banner ads in my sidebars? You can't possibly miss 'em, right?

Go ahead... click 'em. You know you wanna. I dare ya! In fact, click 'em all the time. Come back to visit just to click. I don't care! Go click happy on yo bad selves!

Okay, okay. Just click the stinkin' ads, would ya? If you do, I promise to stop with the gangsta home skillet talk. Honest. Thanks.

Now, in other news...

I've up and gone done did it (oops. Sorry. Some habits are hard to break)... I'm now an official Wine Consultant with a large direct sales in-home wine tasting company. Actually, it's not entirely all official-like quite yet. I just filled out the on-line "paperwork" tonight. By tomorrow I should be "confirmed" and I'll be able to tell you more - like what company it is and what my new company-related web address is. You know, so you can go there to order wine any ol' time you like. Iffin' you wanna, that is.

So, yeah. Now my weekends will (hopefully) be filled with wine tastings and schmoozing. Not that I want to go totally crazy with this. Just enough to add a little extra income every month. I'm excited! And Hubby is going to help me out too. He's going to be my official supplies lugger and wine pourer.

I know! Hubby's got to have a new name. I think I'll call him my Big Lug.

Well, gee... when I was composing this post in my head earlier today, it seemed a lot more substantial. In that heady post I talked about Sweetie and me and changes and goodness and life affirmation and general Deep Thoughts. But this? Yeah.. not so much.

Maybe it's because I'm writing this much later than I thought I'd be writing.

Maybe it's because I was freezing in the house earlier, so I turned up the heat, and now I'm baking and can't really focus on anything else, other than that I'm worried about Sweetie baking in her double layers of jammies and many blankets I piled on top of her.

Maybe it's because freakin' Sanjaya was finally voted off freakin' American Idol and, while that is absolutely the best news ever, I just can't even believe that the Age of Sanjaya is finally over!

Or maybe I realized that all the Deep, Meaningful Stuff was just a bunch of hooey. Meaning, it must have been hooey cuz I can't for the life of me remember any of what I was going to write and how it was all going to connect in a beautifully harmonious and meaningful way. So there.

Rest assured, I am going to try harder next time to pull myself together and deliver some quality postage to y'all. (Well, maybe not next time, seeing as that will be Sweetie Saturday and those posts are never really quality work - just funny fluff. Ummm, not that the cute and sometimes wise things Sweetie says and does are not quality, worthwhile offerings. Ummmm. I don't mean it like that at all! Ummm... Oh, never mind!).

Just click the ads, okay?

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