Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #54

Finally! A beautiful day! It's going to be a gorgeous weekend. Even the flowers are coming up in our front yard. Yay!

But, for the last several days it's been nothing but rains, winds and flooding in these parts. In fact, our house is on a hill and, about a mile or so up the road from us, there was a huge landslide earlier in the week. The road has been closed since Monday. And now that the rains have ended, I'm hoping they can clean it up soon. What a mess!

Anyway, the other morning I was taking Sweetie to school and we were winding our way through our downtown streets (the detour for getting around the landslide). It was another miserable, cold, rainy, really yucky day.

Sweetie pipes up from the back seat.

Mommy! It's Spring! The birds are singing! Isn't it a beautiful day, Mommy?! But it sure is nice to see your rosey-colored outlook!


Because of the road closure, our commute home the other day was extremely slow. Everyone was trying to get through town at exactly the same time. What should have taken us 2 minutes to get through took about 15 or 20. Ugh!

Sweetie was a trooper, though. Only complaining off and on that her foot was crinkly (asleep).

As she cried out in crinkly pain, I told her to wiggle her toes, move her leg around, and generally try to do what she could to wake it up.

No! That doesn't help! Nothing helps. I'll just have to wait for it to go away.

I got a similar response from her when she briefly complained of an earache a week or so ago. I wanted to look at her ear to better determine what was going on.

Sweetie, let me look so I can see what's wrong and how I can help.

No! Don't look! Nothing helps! I just have to wait 'til it goes away by itself.

Ummmm.... can anyone say "glimpse into the dramatic teenaged years"?. Oh well - that's my little martyr Sweetie. Braving the pain and indignities of her little world, confident that they will right themselves on their own in a timely manner.


Sweetie seems to get a big kick out of telling me her school friends' full names. Now, I wouldn't ever write those names here, but you'll get the picture.

That's ____ ____'s Daddy.

That's ____ ____, Mommy. He has a hurt on his eye and he's sad.

Today was ____ ____'s birthday!

Whenever she delivers these informative tidbits, she always has a little smirk on her face. As if she's saying,

Aren't I so smart? I know my friends whole big name names!

Yep. You're a smartie all right. Scary smart, in fact. I look forward to seeing what you discover everyday.

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