Monday, August 20, 2007

Mama Monday #71

Theme: Quest

What is a dream? A magical thing.
A rainbow of hope in your heart.
Your own secret corner where no one can go,
Where the path to fulfillment can start.
A dream lures you on, always one step ahead,
Until you have caught it. And then...
There's always another to capture your soul,
And lead your heart onward again.


May your dreams forever lead you on your heart and soul's greatest quests.


This poem was written on the cover of one of my high school diaries. I loved it so much that I then used it as my senior quote in my graduation year book. And now I'm teaching it to Sweetie, who requests to hear it several times a day. Right now I think she's taking the poem very literally, associating it with the dreams she has at night sometimes. But as she grows I'll be excited to see her revisit the words and message again and again to see how beautiful and inspirational they are, leading her on her own quest for happiness, peace and love.

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