Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wherein That Which Must Not Be Discussed Must Be Discussed


Uhhhhh. See. I have this here question for everyone. Actually, it's a debate/discussion I want to kick off. But at the same time, I actually don't want to talk about it very much at all.

Because talking about it may result in less security than not talking about it would.

Confused yet? I know I am.

Soooo.... in a nutshell... here it goes:

I'd love to know your take on privacy issues and security regarding parent-written blogs in particular.

Do you blog about your kids?

Do you use their real name(s)? Why or why not?

Do you post pictures of them? Why or why not?

Are you and/or your family concerned about the amount of your child(ren)'s information available on your site?

Or are you/they more concerned about what goes on in your child(ren)'s day-to-day real life safety levels than about what could theoretically come from blogging about them?

How do you feel about bloggers who have different views on blogging security than your own?

These are the things I want to know.

I know, and read, lots of "famous" mommy bloggers who go the full disclosure route - giving their kid(s) names, ages, and posting adorable picture. I love them!

I also know, and read, other "famous" mommy bloggers who don't name their children on their sites or post their pictures. Love them too!

Then there are all the thousands of bloggers in between. Each and every one of them having slightly different takes on blogging's safety.

I know for myself, in terms of the blogs I read, I'm truly grateful to be able to see pictures of and hear stories about their families in many cases.

For instance, I feel closer to my cousin and his family - who are currently overseas and before that lived in the states, but far enough away that I very rarely saw them - than I have in years. All because we read each other's blogs and see each other's pictures.

As for my own blog, I use a pseudonym for my daughter here. And on the topic of photos, I've recently switched my thinking on this - preferring to now post only those that don't show her face.

Still, to me, daily real-life practices and behaviors pose a far greater risk to my family and I than any info gleaned from this here site.

Then again, there is that valid thought that - why even give the "bad guys" the option to gather more info on my kid than they could otherwise get without the blog?

Therein lies the debate - To disclose or not to disclose? - that is the question.

The ladies over at Mommy Bloggers recently posted some great entries on these very topics. Find them here and here.

Now, it's your turn. Discuss amongst yourselves. Or, actually, in my comments. That would be good. Or via my contact info, if that makes you more comfortable. Even start your own discussions on your own blogs. Whatever. I just think it would be a great discussion to have. And interesting. And important. I think.

Now go!

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