Monday, August 06, 2007

Mama Monday #69

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Well hello there! I'm baaaaccckkk!

My blogging vacation/Family Week was highly enjoyable. Not that I stayed completely away from the computer. I still checked email, read blogs, and surfed the 'net as usual. But not having the responsibility of blogging - that was awesome. I read, played, cleaned, and went to sleep earlier than usual. Yay!

Sweetie had quite a week too.

There was Fairy Dance Camp (Part Deux - Electric Boogaloo)

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Lemonade Stand Day

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Excavator Driving

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(Hold up! Don't get all excited, now. This is only an illusion. Let it be known - here and now - that at no time was Sweetie in actual control of any heavy machinery controls.... much).

And last but not least, we treated Sweetie to her first time out on the links.

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She also said some pretty cute things this week. For instance, she's now clearly told us that,

...I love sleep overs! And even I've never had a sleep over.

Also, contrary to popular belief, she does in fact like silence in her life every once in awhile:

Daddy, I turned off the T.V. It was making peace and loud. And I wanted peace and quiet.

You may also be interested to know, in case you were wondering, that she's in complete control of her... uh... self:

I have to go potty! (we race to the ice cream stand public restroom. She assumes the position). Oh, no. It was just my underwear in my bum. I don't have to go potty.

And as far as wine recommendations from me? Well - you may very well like this one and/or this one. I do.

Have I covered everything? I think so....

Anyway, as I knew heading into my blogging vacation, I now realize more than ever just how sticky a situation it can be to be a blogging mommy.

I mean, here I am putting my story out there, intent on constantly updating my blog so I can tell you all about the wonderfully bonding experiences Sweetie and I share together. While at the same time I'm pushing Sweetie away, telling her to sit quietly or go play something on her own while I type away on the keyboard.

Quiet, Sweetie! Don't you understand?! I'm writing about how much I love you and how important you are to me. Now go away while I finish telling everyone about all the fun we're having together.

See? Sticky. A sticky, thin tight rope of conflicting ideas. Plain and simple.

So I'm writing this here entry Sunday night. Sweetie is in bed and Hubby is watching T.V. Tomorrow all I'll have to do is hit "Publish" and then be done with it. After all - tomorrow is Sweetie and Mommy Day. And so it shall be.

I know I'm going to be a lot more attentive to Sweetie's needs now. I always post a Sunday blog entry, for instance. And that usually means either Hubby has to watch after Sweetie for awhile while I type or she has to find something to entertain herself for the duration of my writing time.

Now? Hopefully I'll find time Saturday nights to write my Sunday posts. Or, if I'm lucky, Hubby will still occasionally be able to mind her for a bit on Sundays while I write. It's even possible that she'll take it upon herself to go play in her room for a good long time - enough for me to do my bloggin' thing.

But now if Sweetie comes running.... if Sweetie needs me.... I will stop and pay attention. Not that I've truly ignored her in the past. It's just, admittedly, I've certainly gotten annoyed when she's called me away from the computer for whatever 4-year old silly reasons she can come up with to get my attention on her.

Don't get me wrong. I am loving how independent Sweetie's becoming. I'm loving how computer savvy she is for her age. She's certainly very smart, creative, funny, outgoing and optimistic. I don't for a minute think she could be a better little girl than she already is had I given her a few extra hours each week. She is who she is and she's great.

It was simply never my intent to ignore Sweetie at the same time that I'm writing about her and I. My experiences as a disabled mom raising a healthy little girl - that's big stuff. Not every single day, mind you. But often enough. It's important enough to me that I even consider writing this blog to be my part time (albeit very low paying) job. But a job that I can share with Sweetie - not push her to the side while I tend to it. After all, without Sweetie, there'd be no blog.

I just don't want life - hers, mine, Hubby's, ours - to get any stickier than it already has due to too much individual time on the computer - for any of us. Too much separate togetherness going on here - not enough family togetherness.

So here's to more Family Time. More live entertainment. More outdoor play. More family conversations. More real time together.

Stick with me, Sweetie. You and I - we have interesting stories to tell and important information to share.

Together, we can change the world.

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