Friday, August 24, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #71 - Lunch With Friends Edition

Hey! You'll never guess, but Sweetie and I had lunch with friends this past Monday.

Specifically, we met Sweetie's first-ever daycare provider and her 7- year old daughter at Burger King. This wonderful woman (the daughter of someone I used to work with) provided daily care to our Sweetie for the first year of her life, Tuesday through Friday. Her daughter at the time was 3.5 / 4-years old.

Even though Sweetie hasn't regularly been cared for at their house since she was a small baby, she still talks about these friends all the time. In fact, she considers this little girl to be her best friend. Amazing! And wonderful. :)

Since this little friend of Sweetie's is now 7- years old, I was afraid that she'd be so over Sweetie and hardly give my precocious 4-year old the time of day. Turns out - I had nothing to worry about at all.

She and Sweetie greeted each other very enthusiastically. In fact, later that afternoon at home, Sweetie recounted for me,

Hey, Mama! (My friend) gave me a hug-and-pick-up hug! Yeah, that's a new kind of hug. A hug I've never even had before! She gives great hugs!

As Sweetie and her friend played, I sat and chatted with my friend. She now has a younger daughter who's just over 1-year old, so it was fun to ogle this little cutie and hear about how life is in general for this family that we regrettably don't get to visit with too often.

At one point my friend told me how her daughter recently asked her,

Mom - have (Sweetie) and I ever had a fight?

No! Not at all.

Oh. That means she's my best friend!

Well, for her first year of life,
(Sweetie) was over at our house almost every day. You two played a lot together that year. It's almost like you were sisters.

Then, just a little while later in our visit on Monday, my friend's daughter came to report to her mom that a woman (thinking our girls were related) had just told her how much she and Sweetie look alike.

See?! We really must be sisters!

Another thing Sweetie's friend couldn't get over? Well - she had to ask Sweetie about three or four times,

How are you?

just so she could hear Sweetie answer,



And on that note, here's a story relayed to me by my niece, who babysat Sweetie this past Wednesday (instead of Nana, who's enjoying a lovely vacation).

My niece took Sweetie to McDonald's for lunch that day (Oy! Enough with the fast food already!). On the way, Sweetie informed her cousin,

You know? I'm great everyday. And I'm smart everyday too. But I'm silly only some of the days. Not everyday.

Really, Sweetie? I think I'd have to disagree with you on that one. Not the great and smart part. That's certainly true. But the silly part. You bring a whole lot of silly into our lives every single day.

And we love you for that.

FYI - the next few days are going to be crazy busy around these parts. Don't know how much blogging I'll get in. It may be a few days before I'm back at the keyboard, but don't despair. I'll have lots of stories to share upon my return.

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